Bad Texting Game with Women

Bad Texting Game with Women

The good part of learning how to talk to women is understanding the subtle differences between bad and good game. Talking with women should be a fun game of frame battles. Who can bend the other to their will. For men, doing so while inspiring feelings of non-neediness, humor, and curiosity. A woman’s tests are there to make sure you are the individual that inspires respect and submission. So if your money, status, and reputation, as a stranger, do not convey that, your game needs to be able to help her arrive at that conclusion.

We are going to go over a short text message exchange I discovered watching Hotep Jesus’ love and marriage podcast with Wendy-O. This, folks, is how not to act. Let's dissect.

Poor Compliance Test

In general as a man, you should be leading the interaction at all times.

“A man must be the captain of his ship at all times. If he is not, some chick will run it aground, and hop on the next ship passing by leaving you stranded.”

This was not a bad text. If she complies, you know she is interested. When I was first learning to “get girls,” one of the common thought processes is that a girl that likes you will go out of her way to make the game easy for you.

For example, Drake. If Drake or whoever her celebrity crush is told her to do that—you better believe that homegirl is about to go out of her way to make it happen. There would have been no “sometimes forget to check my phone.” As a matter of fact, she would have gone out of her way to get dolled up.

So her lack of complete compliance does indicate that she doesn’t like him “THAT” much.

However, he is not a celebrity crush.


WTF is up with midnight?? That’s bad game. Unless you are already sleeping with a woman, midnight is booty call hours, and most women will take offense to that—especially when you are a stranger to them. The fact that she didn’t shut him out right then and there is actually a green light.

But as I indicated above, he is giving a girl, who has countless options, control over the interaction. Her phone is buzzing with options, and she’s “busy” with her studies. He needs to lead. Although midnight is ill advised, providing direction is the way to go.

“I will call you at midnight” would have been perfect to lead with. It removes her need to make the moment telling the man what to do.

Her Response

Is understandable. The problem with red pill masturbaters is that they treat women as complete manipulative jackasses... which isn’t untrue. But we live in a society where women do work and go to school. She does say some things that caught me sideways:

“Sometimes I forget”

My knee jerk reaction is that of a clear indicator of interest: "Woman, you better remember to check your phone, its me!" But like I said before, she did offer a counter solution. If I ask a girl out on a date, and she says no, but offers a counter suggestion, it’s likely a valid/honest objection. This is a clear non issue since she indicated still wanting to continue talking.

Something that homie missed: there is no time specification. His overreaction is rooted in the assumption that she’s busy with other man. But yet she offers no time restraint. Something that could indicate her avoiding being caught with another guy. Instead she is willing to talk at any time.


He should have never left an opening for her to lead. But Midnight? She had to be asking: “Are you that free/desperate that you are willing to talk to me at 12am.? And despite all of his subliminal red flags, she still wanted to talk.

But at this point in the conversation, the best move is to give her the benefit of the doubt, and call her at your discretion.


First of all, the red pill is to be exercised not explained. His wordy response is max cringe. What did he think this was going to do? “Oh I’m so sorry! Please accept my apology! I promise I will call at midnight!”

Sloppy, 100% all the way through.

Like I’ve learned studying Grant Cardone, not every complaint is an objection. To me, her comment was a complaint and should be handled as such—accept it, acknowledge it, and close.


In my last post I gave three responses to use when engaging with a woman. Make no mistake this is a frame clash. Who will supplicate to call whom. I definitely felt a tingle in my nuts reading this text exchange. Here’s how he could have handled it and walk out the victor:

  • Cocky-Funny (what I would have chose):
    • Me: “Damn, so you and HW have an all night date going. And you want to cheat with me, I’m honored.”
    • Her: Laughs, sends a smile emoji, and says "yes."
    • Me: Don’t respond, don’t call, and tomorrow, I schedule a date a few days later.
  • Agree and Amplify:
    • Me: “sure, then my dog can eat your homework too”
  • Nuclear:
    • “I’m headed to a show now. Next time.”

Make her liking you fun. Not black ops boot camp.


As the song goes: “girls just want to have fun.” Taking a conversation to a place of seriousness is just goofy. Not because of the rigidness, but it says that something this small can be an agitator.

Dealing with women should be as effortless as if mentoring a teenager. An overreaction does not inspire her confidence in following your lead. As a man you should be teasing her for choosing HW over talking to you, because you are awesome and homework isn’t.

If he was actively on another date, or at a party, he would have been too busy enjoying himself to notice. Women are HIGHLY aware of this nuance, it is the life they live. His reaction tells her that this guy is some incel loser with no options and too much time.

Whether or not a woman does non-sense that indicates disinterest, it’s a part of the game. No matter how you swing it, he is not the “valued” man. He thinks he’s worthy of a woman’s respect.

Fame, status, money, exist to outwardly verify that you are a man a woman should treat a certain way. He needs to acknowledge that he is not that all powerful man. He is Billy Bob, and will have to recognize the game and play it well.

At the end of the day there is only one rule to talking to women:

Play the game well or lose.

Choosing not to play is choosing to lose.

Choosing not to play-well is choosing to lose.

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