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How to balance work and family as a father

Balancing work and family is the crux of a man's happiness and pain

When it comes to money and love, while you're chasing one the other is getting away. If a man chooses his woman over earning, the woman will leave when the funds run dry. Animosity for his inability to provide with override love.

How does a man know how to choose between family and work?

A man's ability to balance work and family relies on his discernment capabilities and judgment. You must know what work is critical and what family moment is critical.

When work is not critical family takes precedence. When family issues are not critical work takes precedence.

Follow the drop-everything rule.

If work is not critical, meaning you will not lose income by delaying the work then it is not critical. In these instances follow the drop-everything rule.

Let's say you're in the middle of work and your son comes to you to play ball, drop everything immediately. Show your family that they are the most important thing in your life and they will respect you eternally. Work is not going anywhere but time spent with your offspring cannot be regained.

A man's darkest cloud comes in the form of regret.

When 18 years pass and your son has grown into a man, will you live with regret? You do not want to look at your flawed spawn believing that you could have done more.

The result of your children is based on the amount and quality of time you have spent with them. You are responsible for the people they become. Although your children express a certain amount of free will, you are ultimately in control of who they become. You provide the health and environment for that being. What they become is your responsibility or lack of responsibility.

Audit and monitor the percentage of your day spent with your children and significant other. The strength of these bonds will carry you through your darkest days. Neglecting your family will darken your darkest days.

When family darkens your days, "work" will not be there for you. But when work darkens your days family will be there for you. The family is the first nation. As the man you are king. Govern your house as a benevolent king would govern his land and people.

When work is critical and family beckons rely on over-communication. Give them the entire who, what, where, when, and how of the situation. Over-communication leads to understanding while minimal communication leads to misunderstanding.

Tell your children and significant other why you cannot attend to their needs at that moment and then tell them when you can accommodate them. Assure them that you are completing your work with haste and they are the highest on your list of priorities.

A man with no family is a vagabond and a vagabond carries little power. Power comes from family. The world is controlled by groups of families. These families create networks of organizations. If you are to obtain any kind of significant power build your family (nation) up and then partner with other families.

Immortality for a man is only obtainable through his children. Live forever!

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