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Capandball YouTube Channel Breakdown: A Firearms Connoisseur

Sounds of gunshots and gunpowder echo across the Capandball YouTube channel, with it, comes quality content and weapons from previous centuries.

Capandball showing how it's done.

Balázs Németh hosts this channel and with him comes an amazing accent that has no doubt been an addition to the formula of his success.

Capandball reviews firearms that date back as early as the 1600s, by going into depth about the history of the weapons and how they work, Balázs has earned himself almost 200,000 subscribers.

Capandball YouTube - Content Strategy Breakdown

The main structure of his usual routine gives the same feeling like a documentary as he breaks down firearms from different periods of history.

The difference is his content is far shorter than the classic hour-long documentary, which makes digesting historical weaponry a pleasurable experience for his audience.

Do it in style, or don't do it at all...

His content can range from only a few minutes to half an hour, which is perfect for appealing to a large audience range regarding age (most who would be men).

Capandball is brilliant at holding an audience's attention even with only B Roll as he is always narrating history about the gun whilst the firearm is being showcased.

Balázs also does a fantastic job at keeping your attention hooked to the screen while he loads the firearms he is reviewing.

He might as well run an ASMR channel while he's at it.

By incorporating different reloading sounds and ensuring the sound effects of a weapon can be heard can have a profound effect on the viewer.

It gives you the feeling that you're actually there with him reviewing the weapon, especially with the close-up camera shots of the guns as they are being loaded.

Capandball YouTube And The Shooting Range

It's usually the case that demonstrations of shooting the reviewed weapon don't happen until the later segments of the video.

This tactic may keep watch time higher as people might be happy to listen to all the history about his firearms but the downside would be that a lot of people (like myself) will happily skip through to the end to see the guns in action.

It might take a whole 2 minutes to load one of these guns, but at least he doesn't miss...

There's something about old-style weaponry that never actually gets 'old'. Even modern first-person shooter games will still put out titles that take you back to WW1 and WW2 settings.

The Call Of Duty and Battlefield series are excellent examples of this.

Call of Duty and Battlefield are games that take advantage of the interest in old guns.

Either way, anytime Balázs puts down some fire on the gun range you can bet that's where his audience retention graph will spike.


Overall, Capandball has the unique ability to present content involving firearms from generations ago with the history that comes along with them.

A true connoisseur in the arts of gunpowder, Balázs Németh brings forth a refreshing character with an accent that will charm you until the video is over.

There's a lot to learn from Capandball regarding running a successful YouTube channel. Except for those who genuinely have an interest in history, it can be difficult to keep a broader audience engaged.

Looking at Capandball, it is easy to see why his videos would be reaching the front page of many potential viewers.

The channel excels at bringing content to new viewers in a smooth and laid-back fashion.

Sometimes, that's all you need...

A delicate art requires focused hands.

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