Critical Race Theory Decoded: Fact or Fiction?

Critical Race Theory Decoded: Fact or Fiction?

What is Critical Race Theory?

Lately, there's been a lot of random buzz about Critical Race Theory. CRT’s idea is that race is a social construct. No matter what. But no, no. That's where they're wrong. This logic (or lack thereof) is very elusive. This explains why scientists are able to differentiate between the races of corpses (by way of skull shape). I suspect it would also explain why Black men typically have deeper voices than other races of men (higher testosterone levels).

There are also deviations in the racial wealth gap. Not all Black people are poor. Not all White people are rich. I've had people argue on Twitter that this is ethnicity, not race. But, It's race. Caucasoid, Negroid, & Mongoloid specifically. Anthropologists can't determine ethnicity (common national origin/tradition) via skull shape, e.g. Caribbean/African-American, but definitely can tell if it's Black.

Britannica adds this:

Critical race theorists hold that the law and legal institutions in the United States are inherently racist insofar as they function to create and maintain social, economic, and political inequalities between whites and nonwhites, especially African Americans. (2021)

In Public Schools

COVID-19 caused many schools to go remote. As a result, parents became aware of the curriculum. Critical Race Theory. 1619 Project. While schoolchildren are away 6-8 hours daily, there's a tradeoff. These cesspools of indoctrination cost the mind. It costs critical thinking skills. Even if you look at the architecture of schools...they even look like jails! By and large that's what the public school system has become. A place to imprison you from freethought, the real world, and freedom.

I can speak firsthand to this. I used to see most things through the lens of race. The public school system taught me this. Especially because in America, race seems to matter so much. More than it should. Most African-Americans identify as just that. Being African-American. Thus, I believe race is a huge part of one's identity. CRT bolsters the sweeping assumption that minorities (especially Black people) are perpetually disadvantaged and will always have the foot of racism on our necks.

It miseducates kids that no opportunity, education, or talents will change their plight. The idea that a Black person is perpetually disadvantaged is racist in and of itself, as it attributes qualities to skin color. An immutable characteristic. Completely not taking into account background, personality, credentials, or any other personal deviations. Not only do I not buy into CRT and believe it's a distraction, I think the idea is unfair and frankly for pussies.

Why's it been getting so much heat lately?

Loudon County, Virginia parent Lisa Fletcher

As I said in a previous post here, Loudon County Public Schools have been under fire for teaching CRT. Citizens are waking up to the distraction and propaganda that these academics are trying to stoke. Several clips have surfaced online of parents (like Keisha King in Florida) confronting school boards nationwide in a tizzy about brainwashing their kids with this odious dogma. Rightfully so!

During the many forums where the schoolboard hosts parents and their concerns, they often end in pandemonium. One upset father had his mic cut off once, and once the Q&A forum was forced to end hours earlier than scheduled! One time a man was even arrested for trying to solve the issue with his fists! Such dire measures illustrate just how dire this ideology is and the present stakes at hand.


There are many consequences to the spread of CRT. In essence, CRT teaches people to judge each other on the basis of skin color. An immutable characteristic. America overcorrected its past. To the point where its repeated them. Same script, different cast. Children don't even think like that, in terms of race. This predatorial stripping of innocence is insane. It is just as bad as showing 1st graders how to masturbate.

I hate how weak these faux-intellects make Black people look collectively. Many people feign indifference about this topic. So let me ask: Do you want to inhabit a world where you must be overcautious? A world wrought with contrived race tensions? When none existed prior?? Allow people to decide who they want to be. It is not the school system's job to raise kids. It's their parents'. Public schools oughta teach hard sciences. Not social sciences.

Meanwhile countries like Russia and China capitalize on this civil war. As someone who's lived in China for half a year, they're no joke! A land famous for it's once one-child policy and aborting female babies, things have changed but not that much. THE CCP is quite authoritarian by nature and does not negotiate!

They even have an initiative now to teach masculinity to their boys. They want manlier men. For no great world power can survive without that! While people in the US argue over race, gender, and bathroom signs, China is plotting world domination. Maybe we should refocus our gaze to something more worthwhile.

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