The Top 3 Tools for Secure Crypto Trading

The Top 3 Tools for Secure Crypto Trading

To maximize your gains, you need to make sure the hardware and software you use protects your gains. Here are some crucial tools to consider when trading crypto. 


You're probably familiar with Windows and macOS. Consider adding a third OS to your arsenal - Linux OS.

Linux is completely free, unlike Windows or macOS. You don't have to purchase any licenses or spend thousands of dollars on a computer.

And Linux works a lot of low-end hardware. So if your computer is running slow and you can't afford to upgrade, install Linux on it.

Hackers code malware to target Windows and macOS users because they make up most of the market share. 

Because of this, attackers don't target Linux users as much, so there is less of a chance of your funds being compromised.

Numerous developers and organizations have come out with their custom versions - "distros" - of Linux.

There are distros for developers, old computers, investors, and more. Hundreds of distros are available to install, so you can find your exact fit.

The Top 3 Tools for Secure Crypto Trading Linux

Air-Gapped Computer

You should have a place to store your long-term assets. Wallets like a Ledger or Trezor are great options, but an air-gapped computer is a great alternative. 

Air-gapped computers are machines completely isolated from the internet. All areas of networking - WiFi, Ethernet, and Bluetooth should be disabled.

It's also isolated from other electronic devices - printers, phones, etc. The computer needs to be kept cool and locked when not in use. 

Only people you want using the machine should be in there.

For everyone else, they shouldn't know the computer exists. Treating your air-gapped machine like this will lessen the risk of any potential attacks or breaches.

If you have an old laptop lying around that's still functional, it could be repurposed as an air-gapped computer.

Wipe that old laptop, put Linux on it, and install some open-source wallet software on it.

Crypto wallet software is pretty lightweight and shouldn't take up too many resources on your computer.

The Top 3 Tools for Secure Crypto Trading air-gapped computer


It's best to keep your financial transactions as private as possible. For your daily crypto trading, consider a VPN. 

A virtual private network (VPN) is software that creates an encrypted connection between a computer and the internet.

VPNs should offer the most up-to-date and secure levels of encryption. AES-256 encryption is the standard.

The best VPNs have a "zero logs" policy that does not store any identifying data.

One of the most overlooked VPN tips is jurisdiction. Every VPN provider will have to comply with local laws and regulations.

It's important to know what those laws are, and how they affect your privacy. The best VPN providers should have clear standards in place that protect you if their servers get infiltrated.

The Top 3 Tools for Secure Crypto Trading VPN

Wrapping Up

If you have any old computers collecting dust you want to get running again, Linux OS runs great on older hardware.

You'll have more peace of mind knowing that there's less risk of viruses with Linux OS. And Linux is a great option to pair with an air-gapped computer.

Whatever VPN you choose, make sure it's as secure as possible. It needs to have the most updated encryption standards and protocols.

Check the privacy policy to see if there are any hidden trackers or loopholes.

And stay vigilant when protecting your crypto! Use FLOW to support focus and concentration throughout your day.

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