Dating Advice for Men: Playerism Chapter 1

Dating Advice for Men: Playerism Chapter 1

In 2017 my game had evolved to the elite levels every player aspires to – secret society membership. Yes, it's real. A level of the game where with just eye contact, a girl will decide to go home with you.

Then I got into a relationship from 2018-2020. When I emerged from captivity, not only had my society membership expired. But the game had completely changed. While an issue, my most pressing need was my business and escaping poverty. With that financial box checked, it's time to figure this out once again..

I will be chronicling my trial-and-error process of solving the game in the modern dating marketplace. And eventually, accessing the Secret Society once again.

What is the secret society explained: an understanding between girls and players to fulfill each others sexual needs.
West Indian Archie (WIA) the Top Player in the old Roosh Forums

I have written about the game many times. Since this journey began, I have identified 3 key areas that seem to be creating major landmines in my seduction:
Escalation, presentation, and closing.

This will consist of many chapters.
They will cover the information I gather about the variables I’m testing, an the analysis of the collected data, and the follow up on calibrations made.

Girls will also be have a brief description and a rating based on the late great Patrice O’Neil’s 1-30 point rating system:

1-10 = Average girl
11-20 = Hot girl
21-30 = Fine girl

Today we will set simply set the stage.

Presentation: Ghostiana & Flakiana

When I began learning game, my purpose was to have the skills to land the woman of my dreams if I met her. To acquire the sniper skills to take her home the first time I met her.

Using Instagram to showcase your lifestyle is how you thirst trap women.

At my peak in the mid 2010’s, the equivalent would have been then the girl saw your place, the car you drive, and the relationships and friendships you’ve cultivated.

You must show an extravagant unique life in IG to avoid ghosting.
Men Thirst Trap with Lifestyle

My Instagram is absolute garbage.

Even though a girl seems interested when I met her in person, I have had far too many leads completely dry up out of nowhere between our initial meet and setting a future date.

Women always do some background research before a date. And I believe my IG is a theory/variable that is holding me back.

Escalation: Predictive Programming

The escalation is crucial to the SNL (same night lay).

The last year, and the Dating posts here on Men of Order, have been the things I learned on my way to Secret society membership.

They have also been an archive of the refreshing of my game that got me into the SS and rusted over in the relationship, while at the same time, the game changed.

Rules to the secret society of seduction
Secret Society Rules

Well, I have rediscovered the heartland skill, we will call it “Predictive Programming”. It is merger of three key seduction skills:

  • Frame Control
  • Compliance Ladder
  • Sexual Tension

My experiences in the current dating marketplace have shed light on a few variables I will need to figure out:

  • Error Forgiveness – Girls seem to be extremely unforgiving to moments of bad game. Going from warm and open, to a variation of cold, masculine, dismissive, and disrespectful.
  • Type of escalation – Romantic vibe, player vibe, physical touch, sexual innuendos
  • Engagement threshold – the floor level of how close to overt sexual talk the conversation needs to start at
  • Speed of escalation: How quickly the escalation needs to occur

Closing: "Lets get out of here"

I have written in the past that I attempted the nuclear close once and how it would have worked it not for an awkward bystander.

The bachelor contestant tells himself "its time to make a move" on a girl.

One peculiarity was how she reacted to my only words to her being “come home with me":
She was completely unphased. Then began considering my proposition.

In the past, the interaction follows the process of:
Me: Nuclear Close
Her: *Surprise* > “Oh he's serious” > consideration

The lack of surprise presents the next question, “What has she experienced to where this isn’t jarring?”

  • Do I need to move to close a girl quickly?
  • How direct should I be upfront?
  • Can I be more or less sexual when its time to take her home?

Lose to Win

Like I said before, getting good with girls requires you to give an honest effort knowing you will likely fail, and see what happens.

Time to walk the talk.

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