Entrepreneurship: Screening Ideas + Kwame X Grift

Entrepreneurship: Screening Ideas + Kwame X Grift

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Entrepreneurship: Screening Ideas is part 2 of the things you need to look for before you leap. If you have not yet, Part1 is a must read. Without irrational overconfidence, it doens't matter how good your idea is. In this post we will explore how you can screen your idea, your skill set, or your solution for success in the marketplace.


I have been called out by the Jianchor team. And if there is one thing I believe in (within reason), its peer pressure. Because if you don't give in to peer pressure, you'll never know. So I am going to channel the grift. I will be relating this to the rise of Kwame X. Maybe this is too much and it will turn this post into a shitty mess. Or maybe it will show that entrepreneurship is more than business. It's a mindset of pattern recognition. Once you know the game, you see it everywhere.

As men, we are built for battle, endowed by our creator with the #1 miracle drug on the planet: testosterone. We descend from the bloodlines of colonizers, conquerors, conquistadors, and explorers. Mongol hordes, Egyptian royalty, Greek gods, Roman Ceasars, Vikings, and Macedonians. Why not go full circle, some of y'all even have a little Weinerschitzle in ya. It is in your DNA to conquer, build, destroy, provide, and help those we love and hate.

Some of us are more connected to that part of our DNA than others. That is why you can’t find what “it” is that is leaving you unfulfilled in your employment.

Entrepreneurship = Evolved DNA

If you are feeling held back, entrepreneurship might be your calling. You want to press an opportunity at work, but no one will take your advice—entrepreneurship might be you. And my favorite: When you realize that you are getting paid pennies on the dollar compared to what you are making for your employer–entrepreneurship baybeee! Favorite #2: you don't want to work until you're old, only to retire with money and an old-immobile body to enjoy it with.


Entrepreneurship Skillset

Just for the record, because I was naive to this when I began: the market(place) is where goods and services are exchanged, typically for money. Aka, the world. When you are deciding what you bring to the marketplace ask yourself: What do I know? How valuable/useful is that skill? How can I leverage it for income on the marketplace?

Selling your Entrepreneurship Ideas on the Marketplace
  • Expert marketer-->Marketing mercenary
  • Pro-Athlete-->Exclusive trainer
  • Social media wiz-->Multi-account social media manager
  • NCAA Champion swimmer & math nerd-->High performance consultant

If someone is paying you to work for them, then you have value to someone somewhere. And with that very skill, or idea, bring it to the market, solve the same problems you were solving before, and earn your actual value.

Screening your Entrepreneurship Idea

Are you full of shit Mr. Entrepreneur? Our world has become saturated by “mediocre.” Because of that, I’m not going to lie, a lot of “skilled laborers” in corporate America, are skill less with 68% of surveyed people not applying what they learned in college.

College Degree
Bad Entrepreneurship Skills for the Market

So, there is a strong chance that MOST people will be stuck living with a void calling on them to dominate-create-replicate.

But not you Billy Bob.

You have world class confidence, and you pivoted your skill set to the Jianchor Baller’s Handbook-site. Your accomplishments indicate a life of success and abundance. We are going to go over 4-screening tools you can use to determine if your entrepreneurship ideas are good ones, or in need of doo-doo paper.

  1. Need vs Want
  2. Customer supply
  3. Scalability
  4. Innovation

1.Need vs want

You have to figure out if your skill is a need or a want. It is significally easier to sell to needs. Satisfying both can create a great idea. But ultimately selling to needs will guarantee you customers. Whether that is repeat customers, or a constant influx of business.

  • People want plants, plants need pots
  • Humans need food, humans want fancy food
  • People need homes, people want nice homes
  • Humans need water safety, they want to compete.
  • People want to compete, competitors need to swim fast

Kwame X: Need vs Want

When I would hit 6th street here in Austin, TX, I was shocked to find that many of the black men I talked to were either anti-democrat, Trumpers, or conservative. Not one liberal or leftest. Many of whom said that, along with themselves, a lot of their black friends had become at least "anti-democrat non-voters." Judging by the things they told me, this number is likely rising with the daily scam or media retraction, revealed everyday. If I could describe their ideology, I would call it "Kwameism". There are a lot of people who view the world like Kwame does, just waiting to be activated. Now he is here. He's gassing a lot of people up, and red pilling thousands every day. Did you see the chat in his live stream?!? Yeeeesh!

2.Customer supply

“They were recruiting your replacement long before you committed to the university.” -Daxism #31

Assembly Line
Entrepreneurship loves a steady influx of customers

How many people are there with problems that need solving? Now, if you have a disruptive idea you are golden. Because that number instantly becomes somewhere between everyone and infinite. But the key indicator of a healthy market is a constant turnover of new customers with similar problems.

Every year there are millions of new customers signing up to provide a consistent revenue stream to the oligarchs. We call them collegiate students. Whether a worthless degree or not, these people will provide a consistent source of revenue for the next 30+ years. And at the end of that time, new students will eagerly take that person’s place in the revenue stream.

In my own work, athletes seek to turn pool time into high performance and scholarship dollars. Lucky for me, most clubs do not address the more advanced aspects of swimming that would keep a swimmer from plateauing. And even fewer who can teach them to dodge those landmines while swimming with more power. Because I can provide a service very few can, and new swimmers are entering the sport every day, I compete in a healthy market.

Kwame X: Customer Supply

ESPN and the Breakfast Club have basically given Kwame their platforms. On top of that, everyone is riding his grift wave, so new eyeballs will be coming in droves. I can't see any way to flip the tables on him. He has established himself as a real one, so trying to lie on him won't work. He's not easily manipulated--Gilbert Areans confirmed that. His skeletons are out in the open, I just don't see a play that would close the flood gates.



If you worked 24-hours straight and made $10 per hour, making your first million would take forever. If you could find a way to multiply your workload per hour, while keeping your overhead low, you replicate that stream multiple times in the same hour. So instead of making $10 per you're now at: $100, $500, $1000 per hour.

How far-reaching is your market? local? State? International? The more widespread the problem, the larger it can grow. And as the bandemic proved, if you can provide a service digitally/online, you can access the global marketplace with ease.

Finding ways to automate your process not only increases your productivity, but is the first step of generating a passive income.

  • Technology: Artificial intelligence, apps, and services like teachable.com, eliminate repeat work. You can make one copy of your learning experience, package it, and sell it. Never having to repeat the teaching process again.
    • Negatives: Impersonal and doesn’t address the needs and nuances of individual customers.
  • Cloning: Aka employees. Having employees allows you train people to complete a task the way you need it done. Instantly you have multiplied your productivity.
    • Negatives: Human error. No one knows exactly what you mean except you. It is highly likely they will not produce the exact result you are looking for.
  • Classrooms: As a club coach I was able to multiply my productivity by coaching 20 athletes per hour instead of 1 athlete an hour.
    • Negatives: Everyone learns differently. Your curriculum may connect to some, but cultural and language barriers will cause miscommunications.

Remember to keep your overhead as low as possible, but also understand that people will be coming to you because their current method does not solve their problem. Make sure you are growing your business with the right combination of tactics and customer care.

Kwame X: Scaleability

Dude is a pro-athlete and a member of the NBA fraternity, so you know they all have seen his content. Do their ideologies align? Let's just say, it never made sense to me that all these pro-athletes, rappers, and self made millionaires would turn around, and vote for taxes against themselves. It makes ZERO sense. And most of those guys all grew up knowing of Kwame as a bust and soft player. Personally, finding out that he is a total savage has been awesome. So the following and network is there, and that network has money and influence, and is national at a minimum.

4.Young Innovator

“You are disruptive!” -Employer

In a mediocre world, those are maybe the best words you can hear. But what is innovation? Back when I was still competing, a brainiac coach once asked me, “Is it more important to follow the rules or innovate?”

Me: “You master the rules, then you innovate.”

Sith rule of two: One Master and One Apprentice

Innovation is important because nothing beats the original. You must take what you learned and add your own flavor to push the philosophy forwards--aka "make it your own." It's a fundamental truth of human evolution. We have survived this long because women have consistently mated with the strongest of their selection. I believe mating with the original is illegal. Along with some nifty birth defects and I don't mean the X-Men. There’s a lesson in there.

Once you have that innovation, can you explain it in terms a child would understand? As I said above, no one knows exactly what you mean except you. An innovation that no one can comprehend is the same as having a shit product that no one wants to use.

Lastly, with something that is innovative, it usually implies being the first to market, AND a level of monopoly on the market. As the only one entity can can solve their problems, all people are forced to come to you for your service. If you can efficiently explain to them the magnitude of their problem, and how you can solve it, you're in there like swimwear.

Kwame X: Innovation

When was the last time you heard a black person talk about social issues, like that, in-front of a national audience? I've thought about it for a few hours and Malcom X or Ali is the best I have.

Closing Kwame X Grift

At the moment there is at best a monopoly on black minds. And at worst "price fixing." Everything: culture, fashion, language, film, music, social media, politics, social justice issues, you name it. The powers that be put it there for us. The man is slick. Kwame is a major threat to this monopoly in the form of ideological innovation. He checks all the boxes.

The problem with being an innovator for the people: your competitors are inclined to join forces lest they fall together. The breakfast club and ESPN are already driving views his way, which is either extremely sloppy on their part, or a calculated chess move. Either way, all eyes are on him. If he gets another interview with Judge Joe Brown, I think it might break the internet. I wish some of yall had saw the chat. People were SHOCKED to find out about Biden's past, his Klan affiliation, and some of the legislation he pushed though. They said a lot of redacted stuff so go see it asap before it gets yanked!!


It will be enteresting to see how this all plays out.

Your turn

Market needs, customers, scalability, and innovation are your core pieces you need to have answered heading into entrepreneurship. If you can check off those boxes, and you have the confidence to stick to it. You have a winning combination.

On a scale of 1-10, if you rate 2 of the first 3 of the above with a 7.8 or higher, welcome to the club! If you answer ‘Yes’ to innovation you definitely need to start yesterday!

In the comments let me know what you think about my list. Let me know if its hot garbage, if you think I missed anything, or ask some questions about your entrepreneurship ideas. I'm in the building/muck phase, so this is the time to ask questions about the exact problems you are likely to run into...before I blow up and start acting brand new.

The final part 3 drops next Saturday. Preliminary title: The Tri-Force: Marketing, Branding, Selling

The Tri-Force: Marketing, Branding, and Selling

This was a big week for the Jianchor team, so make sure you check out the articles that SHATTERED our views records. Clearly, they resonated, so don't miss the excitement!

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