Fix Yourself First

Fix Yourself First

Just in case you needed a reminder, the midterm election results provided one. Despite over two years of unnecessary lockdowns, forced masking of children and adults, mandated injection of untested inoculations, a destroyed economy, tyrannical censorship, and more travesties too numerous to name, about half of the country voted to continue these policies.

I assumed people were tired of having their health, businesses, and communities destroyed. I was wrong. It turns out many people would like to continue down this route. I firmly believe that, had not the courts stepped in, and enough people simply said no, we would still be living in a tightly-controlled, masked society.

It's Up To You

All of this serves as a not so gentle reminder: ”Your Life is Up to You.”

Nobody is coming to save you. No politician can create the changes you want to see. Transformation begins within you and your immediate family first. While you look out at the horizon, pining for a society that is aligned with truth and freedom, and not finding it, remember the power that you possess inside. Your beliefs create your thoughts. Your thoughts create your actions. Your actions create your reality.

Clear Out The Noise

Over the past 10 years I’ve been helping people live more in alignment with their purpose and values using the power of hypnosis and meditation. These are ancient tools that help you clear out the noise and garbage inside your subconscious mind, and get clear on who you are, how you want to live, and what you want to accomplish. Below are the first three steps to getting right with yourself, so you can then go out in the world and BE the change you wish to see.

#1) Get Healthy - Without physical health, you have nothing. How many sick, dying, rich people would trade all of their wealth for health? The mind-body connection is real and incredibly powerful. The quality of your physical health has a huge effect on the quality of your mental health.

If you are in great shape, awesome! Keep it up. If you could improve your health in any way, make that your number one priority. Set up a daily exercise/meditation/cardio regimen. Stop drinking alcohol and eating processed sugar for a while. Cook delicious, healthy, organic foods. Consume lots of fresh, clean, filtered water. Become the best possible version of your physical self.

#2) Cut Out Negativity - If you are going to fly, you’ve got to cut the extra baggage. Turn off the news or any other information outlet that brings stress or fear into your life. Pay close attention to the music, books, and entertainment you consume, only allowing things into your mind and spirit that propel you forward to who you want to become.

Cut negative people from your life. This one can be difficult, because many of these people are your friends and family. But if someone in your life is a constant source of complaining or negative energy, severely limit your engagement with them. You can be honest, and tell them what you are doing and why. Or you can simply stop communicating. In either case, let it go, and surround yourself with the energy of your vision.

#3) Get Clear on Your Vision - Once you clear out all the unnecessary noise from your mind and environment, you will have room and energy to clarify and focus your vision. Get deeper into “who you are” and what principles guide you. Then turn this vision into a plan of action. Give yourself a project, create a business, or start side hustle that animates these values in the world.

Fight For It

When you are living with purpose and actively creating that in the world everyday, your life becomes a positive and constructive experience. Boredom will become a thing of the past. Obstacles become challenges and opportunities rather than debilitating impasses. You will find new sources of energy and inspiration from within rather than depending on someone else to give it to you.

One good question to ask yourself is this: “If the whole world decided to follow me tomorrow, where would I lead them?”

The fight for truth and freedom never ends. And nobody is getting out of here alive. But what will you do with the opportunity you have been given in this life? Once you have gotten a grasp on steps outlined above, the answer to these questions will become glaringly obvious.

If you would like to go further into exploring your own powers with hypnosis, start with my Life In Purpose program.

Enjoy the Ride!

Andy Eversole, C.H.

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