Money Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather - Boxer, Bank Robber...Discount??

Mayweather, a professional bank robber. But is he really?

Mayweather The Goat

A lot of people felt unfulfilled following the Floyd Mayweather fight. Not gunna lie, that was my initial reaction too. But after thinking about it, what is the actual value of what was paid for?

A fee for a service is a sum of several components that is typically greater than the price paid for the service.

  • You are paying for
    • A result
    • Accumulative knowledge was needed for the service
    • The caliber of knowledge and the time it took to innovate that service
    • Time it would take in today's opportunities to ascertain that knowledge
    • The time you save not having to find that knowledge and master it
    • To have the knowledge communicated effectively

Before we get going, one thing: Floyd passes the entrepreneurial checklist.

  1. Irrational overconfidence: Pretty boy Floyd aka Money Mayweather
  2. Screening Ideas: Literal gladiator sport. Humans love conflict; Floyd has elite gladiator skills
  3. Marketing, branding, selling: Completely outclasses boxers in the market and delivers the result every time

Mayweather-Spartan Bloodline

Leonidas: You, what is your profession?
Arcadian Soldier: I'm a potter, sir.
Leonidas: And you, Arcadian, what is your profession?
Arcadian Soldier: I'm a sculptor.
Leonidas: And you?
Arcadian Soldier: I'm a blacksmith.
Leonidas: Spartans! What is your profession?
Spartans: Harooh! Harooh! Harooh!
Leonidas: See old friend, I brought more soldiers than you did.

-King Leonidas, 300

Floyd comes from a gene pool primed for producing boxers. When we think about ancient Sparta, they effectively bred out weakness. Not only in the form of tossing defective babies off cliffs, but over the decades, producing a gene pool that filters for warriors. Agility, hand eye coordination, strength, IQ, all bred for for 1 thing: winning a battle.

Floyd Mayweather - Spartanlike Eugenics
  • Uncle: Jeff Mayweather
    • 59-13
    • WBA lineal Super featherweight titles 1983-84
    • WBC light welterweight titles 1987-1989
    • IBO light welterweight titles 1994
    • IBO welterweight titles from 1994-1995
    • Defensive skills
  • Dad: Floyd Mayweather Sr.
    • 28-6
    • "Poet laureate of boxing."
    • Defensive abilities and overall knowledge of boxing strategy.
    • Middle weight world title contender (lost)
  • Uncle: Jeff Mayweather
    • IBO super featherweight 1994-95

So not only did Floyd come from a gene pool designed for combat, but designed for championships. And that genetic greatness was optimized by programming that produced 6-world titles across 3 weight classes. Of course with that as a template, you would expect him to be the 21-year old world champion he became.

Mayweather Defense

Mayweather Championship Innovation

Over the next 9-years - as a world champion, bred to be a world champion, and using a battle tested proven world championship template - Mayweather innovated and evolved his greatness. During this 9-year span Floyd would win 9-World titles across 5 weight classes. The 9th being against Oscar De la Hoya, solidifying himself as the most dominant boxer in the sport.

Money Mayweather was born.

After smacking Oscar in 2007, Floyd was never again the 'B-draw' to a fight. And in 2018, he took home the crown as the highest paid athlete in the world netting over $275-million.

By Age-40, Mayweather won 17-major world titles across 6-weight classes, the lineal championship in four weight classes (twice at welterweight), and retired with an undefeated record.
Mayweather - In a Class of his Own


We will likely never again see a boxer, come from a spartan-like-genetics boxing family, who develops with a 5x world title winning indoctrination, uses it to win a world title at age 21, and innovates off of that for the next 19 years.

We paid Floyd $100-million for:

  • The time it took for him to become what he was.
  • The time and cost it would take for us to see the next boxer to learn a 5x world championship winning philosophy, and innovate off it to be undefeated.
  • For us to have all of that (30ish years) today
  • The cost it takes to pay someone to teach a world class philosophy and have it thoroughly vetted by 1-2 other World class boxers.

And we got all of that for $40 - Did we really get robbed?

Money Mayweather - Worth Every Penny

Prediction: Money Mayweather - Age 50 - World Champion

Floyd Mayweather will be back after to claim a World Championship. I predict he will: drop down from light middleweight, enabling him to be a stronger puncher by relative weight class. There, his physical talents will translate better: old man/dad strength strength, a lighter body to make up for some of his lost athleticism due to aging. Couple that with his vastly superior-otherworldly boxing knowledge, at the very least, he has a slight advantage on the battlefield.

The only relatively impressive boxing achievements left are for him is to win at age 50.

  • George Forman won the unified WBA, IBF, and lineal heavyweight championship titles at age 45
  • Bernard Hopkins WBA light heavyweight title at age 49

The odds of him losing are slim.


He has not programmed what he knows into anyone else the same way his family did for him. Hypothetically, the odds of a challenger being available, in their prime, with Mayweather-caliber knowledge, is unlikely. Like he said: he's a bank robber. The storyline is primed for a big pay day: Chasing the last remaining major boxing benchmark, well past his prime, and knowing that his skillset is vastly superior....

An opportunity that I don't think Mayweather will be able to pass up.

I don't think a more perfect Mayweather-bank-robber Gif exists

...And one the bank won't be able to pass up either.

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