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4 Ways to Hack Your Mind for Ultimate Focus

Creating focus is easily accomplished if you have a ritual

Focus is the absence of distraction. Clearly, it would be best if you eliminated distractions to achieve your ultimate focus. Much of the distraction is in your mind.

Whatever demons are in your mind must be confronted and dismissed. Ignoring them will permit them to linger in your subconscious and as a result, resurface in your conscious mind.

These demons may be failures you have not forgiven yourself for. Maybe it was a mistake you made while playing a sport or some dumb comment you wish you never spouted. These faults must go through a process of forgiveness.

Confront these blunders and then forgive yourself for them. Use your self-talk to go through a process of understanding. Understand that you are not perfect. This was not your first mistake and it will not be your last. Realize that despite your previous mistakes you are still here.

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Take things a step further with a visualization meditation. Picture in your mind your mistakes on pieces of paper. One by one light a match and set them on fire. Watch them as they turn to ashes and leave your world forever. The full subconscious benefits here cannot be explained with words. You must experience this for yourself to know its power.

Distractions make themselves prominent when there is a lack of direction. Focus requires structure, boundaries, and destinations. Where these things do not exist you should expect procrastination to fill the void.

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In the evening or night, make your plans for the next day. Write down the things that you need to accomplish and then prioritize them. You should have a long to-do list of things that have been pushed to the back burner for whatever reason. But you should continually add to this list.

Failure to make day plans leads to losing whole days at a time. You may experience confusion and loss of purpose. This is the fastest way to procrastination and distraction which ultimately leads to failure.

Now I'm going to introduce a preparatory ritual that was inspired by Pavlovian Conditioning.

When Pavlov rings the bell the dogs begin to salivate because the mind connects the bell to feeding time. In this same manner, you can connect a ritual to your focus time. For example, you can execute a set of pushups and then drink a glass of green juice. If this becomes a daily ritual, your mind will begin to coordinate for the purpose of focus.

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Lastly, you can safely and effectively hack the biology of your mind with the power of supplements. Master Focus™ is a 100% herbal premium nootropic with mind-enhancing benefits.

Our environment contains pollutants that can disrupt our neurology. Even some drinking water has heavy metals that need to be purged from the body.

Herbal supplements can detoxify the blood going into and out of the brain while promoting neuronal function and the growth of dendrites (which facilitate transmission between neurons). This last piece of the focus puzzle gives you that extra edge over your peers.

Experience what it feels like to be limitless.

Bookmark this article as a reference so the next time you lose focus you learn how to harness the power of concentration.

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