Greatest YouTube Asset

The Greatest Asset to Growing On YouTube (It Takes 3 Steps)

Most of you aren't aware, but you are literally missing out on attracting the greatest asset YouTube offers all of its creators.

It's time to stop observing all of your likes, subscribers, and comments because this one trick will help you 10x your results on YouTube.

All of those endless nights you spend staring at YouTube Studio and wondering why you aren't growing is worthless. Stop wasting your time with things you can't directly control.

Here's the asset every creator can control if they plan everything out correctly.

Your greatest asset as a creator is your audience.

Greatest Asset On YouTube

If you don't know your audience and how to attract them, you will not grow on YouTube.

Your audience will dictate who you will collaborate with, how many viewers and subscribers you get, how much money you make, and what sponsors you attract.

So today, we will explain how to attract the correct audience so you can get the maximum amount of money, subscribers, and viewers you dream of attracting.

#1. Figure Out What Your Value Proposition Is

This is single-handedly the most important thing you can do as you're starting on YouTube.

You need to have a clear vision of what you want your channel to communicate to target the right audience.

"Failing to prepare is preparing to fail." - Benjamin Franklin.

Start planning the vision for your channel NOW.

Think of it this way, how do you expect your channel to grow if you are going in aimlessly without an outlined plan?

A value proposition is a value you plan to provide your audience. Let's explain what this "value" is.

The value proposition should communicate:

  • Who your audience is.
  • The pain point you are solving.
  • Why you are solving the pain point.

Value propositions need to be short and clearly explain what you are trying to solve within ONE sentence. The one-sentence you write also needs to be short enough to fit on your banner.

At the core of your brand should be what value you bring to the world.

Just make sure it is easy to read, super clear, and isn't too long.

This might seem simple, but it really isn't once you start planning what it will be. It can sometimes take 2 weeks to fully decide what it is.

Here's a list of significant value propositions you can take inspiration from:

  • "Helping YOU Build Wealth And Thrive In A World Of ECONOMIC INSANITY." - George Gammon
George Gammon Banner
Nomad Capitalist Banner
Max Maher Banner
  • "Putting The Science Back In Strength" - ATHLEAN-X
Athlean x banner

The value proposition is the glue that will hold your channel together. Once you find the right value proposition, your banner, trailer, and videos should mention it.

If you realize that your value proposition needs to get changed in the future because it sucks, don't worry, you can always change it.

It's normal to switch value propositions as your channel progresses because you don't know what you don't know as you're starting out.

As you figure out your value proposition, you shouldn't be sitting around and doing nothing. Instead, you should be...

#2. Brainstorming Your Avatar

"What the hell does an Avatar have to do with growing a successful channel??"

This is where you really get to understand who your superfan is.

These are the 7 things you need to understand about your superfans:

  • What do they believe in?
  • What do they struggle with?
  • What brought them to your channel?
  • What do they hate?
  • What are they trying to solve?
  • What is their story?
  • What are they trying to obtain from your channel?

Take out your notepad, computer, whiteboard, or whatever you use to take notes and start jotting down all of your thoughts.

Give the fans what they want, after all, they're your #1 asset...

You should be filling up PAGES with ideas. This will also help you with determining the right value proposition for the banner you will be designing.

But most importantly, you will begin to develop a vision for your channel. A lot of random ideas will start coming out as you brainstorm your audience.

Make sure to jot down your ideas on separate sheets.

As you're researching your target audience, you will be coming up with ideas for videos, trailers, intros, playlists, and products.

If you want to make it fun, draw out a picture of your avatar, name it, then describe all of its characteristics.

To make all of this more manageable, you must be doing THIS to really understand who your character is. This will come from…

#3. Market Research

Market research on YouTube is vital for your channel's success. But, first, you need to understand everything about your niche.

How do you do market research? It's really simple, but it can sometimes become time-consuming.

Market research may be the most important thing you do, everyone doesn't do enough of it...

As you're researching your target audience, you should be looking for pain points. Pain points are "specific problems faced by current or prospective customers in the marketplace."

Think of the last time your purchased something expensive. Most of you probably bought something out of fear.

For example, my friend came over to my place, went to my bedroom, and noticed that my pc tower's lid was gone.

He immediately warned me of the consequences of having an open pc with all of the hardware exposed. After he told me this, I immediately went to Amazon and looked for PC cases. Luckily for him, he had an available PC case that I eventually purchased.

Fear sells.

The best way to get clicks on your videos is through fear. However, you won't know what your audience fears if you don't do enough market research.

Fear combined with solutions is what helps you become relatable.

Here's where you can start studying your audience:

1. YouTube:

YouTube Market Research

Study your competitors by watching their well-performing videos. Most importantly, read all of the comments below the videos. This is hands down the best place to do market research. Sometimes, you can get away with just doing market research from YouTube.

2. Reddit:

Reddit Market Research

Reddit can be an annoying place. However, this is where communities thrive. Find a subreddit with your ideal audience and participate within the communities. Your goal is to collect as much information about the users that participate. Reddit is filled with emotional users, which is a good thing because you can turn those emotional paragraphs into topics that get A LOT of clicks.

3. Quora:

Quora Market Research

Anytime you search up a question on Google, Quora usually shows up. This makes it a great place for users to come together to discuss their problems. Luckily for you as a YouTuber, you can turn these problems into solutions. Before you know it, your video will be outranking the quora question you searched in the past!

These are a few platforms you can do market research. You can use many other platforms, some of which are paid (paid communities are usually worth the investment.)

To make things easier, focus on ONE platform and study the audience intensely by studying their emotions.

Why Is It So Important to Build A Loyal Audience?

A small but loyal audience will beat a channel with millions of disinterested viewers.

Here's how you can visualize this better…

Who were the better soldiers? The 300 Spartans vs. the thousands of Persians?

Channels with loyal audiences ALWAYS outperform vanity audiences.

You would know the answer if you watched the movie. This concept applies to YouTube. Avoid a viewership of weak vanity viewers.

You want loyal, opinionated, and loving viewers that will support you at all times. They are quite literally an asset for your channel.

They'll pay you money, boost you in the algorithm, and make your journey through YouTube growth much more enjoyable.

Be careful though, you do not want to piss off your audience and turn them against you. Otherwise, you will have a VERY stressful couple of weeks. We saw this backfire on one of our clients, and it wasn't pretty. Luckily, they recovered.

You also need to understand that your audience will determine the opportunities you receive on YouTube. For example, some niches get fewer viewers, buyers, and potential sponsors.

Put in the effort and it's only a matter of time before you see results.

Decide whether or not the channel topic is worth investing thousands of hours in. It will be painful to realize that your channel isn't scalable because it's too niche or saturated.

We've seen too many beginner creators complain in YouTube comments and Reddit subreddits that they're not growing. When we do research on their channel, we immediately spot the problem.

They create channels that are extremely difficult to grow because they either lack an audience to market to or are way too saturated (Gaming cough cough...)

Choose your audience wisely.


Your loyal audience is the greatest asset for your YouTube channel.

Loyal audiences are not easy to grow and are far more valuable than 1 million disinterested viewers.

You need to be doing 3 things to grow a loyal audience:

1. Find the perfect value proposition that sums up your channel.

2. Brainstorm the avatar that will represent your community of superfans.

3. Research and study the audience you will be targeting.

If you do all of these three things, you will be FAR ahead of the unsuccessful YouTubers you are competing with.

Here's a stat that will boggle your mind… only 12% of 36.3 million channels have reached 1,000 subscribers, and 0.42% of channels reach 100,000 subscribers.

So let's get you to that 1,000 subscriber and eventually the 100,000 subscriber milestone by hitting that red button down below.

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