Holistic Healing Is The Better Option

Holistic Healing Is The Better Option

In today's society, we are too reliant on western medications. There are certain situations in which medicines are absolutely necessary, but there are many situations in which holistic healing approaches are never even considered.

I think I know why we rely on western medicines so deeply. Nobody wants to put the work in that's necessary to heal themselves naturally. Why try to eat better & get more sleep when you can just take medicine every time you catch a minor cold & feel better a day later? Often times, people are sick because of their lifestyle. A few simple lifestyle changes can significantly change the course of one's health, however this is rarely even considered. People would rather seek treatment than seek solutions, because the solutions require some work and focus while the treatments are typically pretty quick & easy. Western medicine is a lot easier than holistic healing, but it's not the better option.

Ricky Williams, Holistic Healing Advocate

Last week, I went in-depth about the NFL & some of their policies when it comes to consuming substances. I find it ridiculous that, for so long, weed was banned & painkillers were encouraged. As we discussed on the first episode of our new sports show 'I Got Next', which you can watch here, although it’s ridiculous it is in fact what we should expect from the NFL. It seems as though the league doesn’t care about its players. If they did, holistic healing would be encouraged.

Ricky Williams
Holistic Medicine
Ricky Williams Surrounded By His Holistic Healing Plants

As promised in my article from last week, I’m going to highlight Heisman Trophy winner & former NFL player Ricky Williams & the role he’s playing in the field of holistic healing. As an NFL player, Williams was known for being a great running back who loves to smoke weed. The league suspended him a few times before he left the league altogether. Ricky estimates that he lost around $10 million throughout his career because of lower salaries & potential endorsements falling through due to his weed smoking.

After football, Ricky decided he wants to help bring awareness to holistic healing & the potential benefits it has on people’s lives.

“I feel like with my unique background as a football player, having to deal with a lot of pain and a lot of stress anxiety — and the path that I’ve been on, most importantly my education over the past 10 years — has put me in a unique position where I have a niche, an expertise to offer the world”

Ricky Williams

Williams has been studying psychology, herbalism & holistic medicine, & more ever since he retired from football back in 2011. Currently, he’s going for a doctorate in Chinese Medicine. He’s been an advocate for marijuana use as a natural & holistic healer for just about as long as he’s been in the public eye.

Ricky Williams was having trouble with social anxiety, stress & depression. He chose weed as his holistic medicine & was unapologetic in doing so.

What Is Holistic Healing?

Holistic healing considers the mind, body, emotions & spirit of a person, instead of just isolating one of those & forgetting about the rest. Instead of simply treating a problem, a holistic doctor will try to solve the problem & fix it. You won't walk out of his/her office with a bag of medications, but you'll probably have a new diet plan & sleep schedule to maintain as a solution to the terrible headaches you've been having.

Aside from diet & sleep, two very important health factors I've written about, other factors are also considered. Stress, spiritual practices, issues in personal life & more are carefully considered when figuring out how to holistically treat somebody. Ultimately, the goal is optimal health & holistic healers would argue that in order to achieve it, you must focus on the human as a whole, not just the body or just the mind, etc.

Achieving Optimal Health

So, how does holistic healing work? There are many possible treatments & tactics that can be used to holistically treat a person. I've mentioned weed as one possible solution, but here are some more. Massage therapy, naturopathy, acupuncture, homeopathy, chiropractic treatment & many more forms of alternative therapies are all possible forms of holistic healing.

On the mental side of things, holistic healers will educate a patient on potential causes of their problems. They'll almost play the role of a therapist in a way, educating a person on potential lifestyle changes & ways to improve personal self care. A new diet & sleep schedule are examples of this. Furthermore, things such as psychotherapy, relationship counseling or even spiritual counseling, meditation, along with many others are also examples of this.


Western medicines & surgical operations are also considered in some cases, but only if necessary. For example, a holistic healer might give you a few medications to stop symptoms, while simultaneously offering advice & plans to naturally prevent the problem from reoccurring via lifestyle improvements.

Real Wellness

Ricky Williams isn't just talking the talk, he's walking the walk as well. Ricky Williams founded Real Wellness which is a company focused on holistic healing via various components of cannabis. He's got some products which include THC & some that only include CBD. He's got all natural remedies for headaches, muscle spasms, anxiety, nervous system issues & more.

Being a former professional athlete, it makes sense that Williams would also roll out a line of products specifically geared towards athletes. These products allegedly help with sprains, bruises, muscle tightness & more using a combination of CBD & some other herbs such as lavender & cayenne. THIS would be perfect for the NFL as a solution to their current painkiller problem.

Holistic Healing

I hope this process becomes more popular going forward into the future. The option of healing naturally as opposed to taking a bunch of medications seems like an easy choice on the surface. The problem is, a lot of people do not want to put the work in to actually improve themselves. People are satisfied with a problem being treated & maintained, rather than the problem being solved & fixed.

Ricky Williams is doing his part to promote holistic healing & it's definitely helping the industry trend in the right direction. During his playing career, the NFL Player's Association didn't support Williams much while he was fighting his marijuana suspensions. Now, the NFL has said they could be open to studying the use of medical marijuana to help players manage their pain.

This is a step in the right direction & holistic health will be something to watch out for in the future. You can do it all by yourself on your own time. Improve your overall life & fully optimize your health with holistic healing remedies.

Holistic Healing
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