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Homeschooling: The Subjects

What subjects should be taught in homeschooling?

Homeschooling shouldn't look like school.

The average day for a mainstream school kid in America looks like a corporate gig.

Sit at your desk and 'work' for eight hours a day with a lunch break.

AI is about to shred many of those corporate positions.

It is smart enough to replace the average mind.

Only the most brilliant minds will be worthwhile to Corporate America.

Let's be honest. People drop their kids off at school as a form of daycare.

They outsource the raising of their kids.

Since the school becomes the authority it dictates a set of morals and values that are based on the relationship your son has with the school and the numerous personalities in it.

That's why people can't recognize their children when they come home from school.

Let's put all of that aside. What is the biggest problem with mainstream schooling?


The kids spend 8 hours in the building and then another 3 hours doing homework.

That's nearly half of the day and we haven't factored in sleep yet.

By my calculations, your son needs about 2-3 hours of subject work each day.

This time can be spent on the two core subjects, math, and language.

The rest of his time should focus on sharpening his natural proclivities.

Use your day to discover and refresh these when necessary.

Don't fit the child in the school. Fit the school for the child.

Now is the time to specialize.

Load your son up with relevant skills under the umbrellas of technology, entertainment, and/or health.

Once upon a moon, a startup I worked for hired a marketing major university grad.

I had to teach them everything from scratch because they knew nothing relevant.

For example, the poor new hire never heard of Google Analytics.

All universities give you certifications and diplomas but not all of these are relevant skills.

The better you can forecast the economy the easier it is for you to lead your son in the right direction.

Try to think about what skills will be relevant in the future.

For example, cyber security isn't going anywhere for the foreseeable future because valuable data will always become a target for hackers. But that all depends on AI.

AI might be another field to enter.

Introduce your son to these experiences and see which one catches.

Then doubled down on that.

Learning does not always equate to bookwork.

Much of the learning happens during a conference.

The members of the conference will dictate the level that your son will aspire to.

There are youth programs with weekly conferences where the boys read and discuss various topics about life.

This is where critical thought and expression are enhanced.

If there is one task everyone should have their children do daily is write.

Some sessions can be solely dedicated to ideating writing prompts.

When it is time to write they can use their decisiveness skills to choose a writing prompt.

Do not set a length limit for these essays.

Tell them to write until the inspiration leaves them.

At most set a minimum length.

Some days they will write longer than others.

In finality, do not stress trying to make homeschooling look like school. That has already been proven to be a failing method.

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