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Why Hotep Nation Is America’s Last Hope

Three years ago, I reached out to Hotep Jesus and Uncle Hotep to see if I could help them grow the Hoteps BEEN Told You podcast. My life hasn’t been the same since and I wouldn’t change one bit of it.

Here is a clip from when that started:

Hotep Nation is made up of genuinely good people

It’s not often that you come across the group that is filled with people who just want what’s best for themselves, for their families, and for the world around them, but aren’t willing to exploit other people to achieve that end or to exploit one another within the group to achieve more selfish ends.

Hotep Nation is one such unicorn. From its inception to its current incarnation, from the top to the rank-and-file, and from the best podcast on the Internet to its new homeschooling initiative, Hotep Nation exudes truth seeking, self-sufficiency, health, and goodwill to others to leave behind a legacy that sees their community better off than they found it in every way possible.

Strong personalities who don’t fight for status

You can’t build a nation, you can’t build an empire, you can’t really build anything strong and successful without strong personalities who are driven to be the best and will settle for nothing less. Often, this can lead to petty squabbles over status and rank in the hierarchy. You see this in other movements where they become a Game of Thrones larping club parading as a political force.

But not at Hotep Nation. These are real Solutionary‘s who are out to build something tangible and transcend it. Game recognize game and there is no tolerance for petty bullshit. Only the realist can even survive the scrutiny of those who make Hotep Nation what it is.

Focused on self mastery, but always mindful of others

The flight attendant tells you on the plane that you can’t help someone else get their oxygen hooked up until you take care of yourself. And at Hotep Nation, it’s no different. Focus on self mastery is the foundation of a nation that will not be distracted by the next shiny object fabricated to captivate weaker minds.

Build yourself, build your skills, build your mind and body. That’s the only way you will be worthy to call yourself a member of Hotep Nation.

Yet every Hotep I have met has a keen sense for the healing and rebuilding needed in the world around them and has, at least as part of their mission, to be a source of this healing and rebuilding. Solutions over excuses. Hotep and build.

A spirit of genuine generosity, but protective of our own

Among all its members, I have witnessed in the public sphere as well as privately and in person the spirit of generosity that animates Hotep Nation. The leaders are always willing to lift the next member up or give them time in the spotlight because what Hotep Nation has is not diminished when it is shared. It only multiplies.

I have witnessed firsthand Hotep Jesus bring people to tears of joy for the help he has given them. As the face of Hotep Nation, he represents both the potential and spirit of the nation beautifully.

But the members of Hotep Nation also recognize that we must protect our own because there are enemies at the gates, wolves on the prowl, and what we are trying to build, while formidable and promising, must be protected from corruption and attack.

Hotep Nation is America’s last and greatest hope. And if you need any motivation whatsoever to root for, if not join the fight, watch this clip and try to remain complacent:

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