How to Approach Girls

How to Approach Girls

The face-to-face approach is making a COMEBACK!! You heard it here first!

Online dating has flipped everything about dating on its head. Men who would never have had the balls or game to talk to women now can. And their mass wave of free attention has inflated the egos of women around the world. In 2013 (beginning of online dating) I was trying to figure out what the hell was going on in my dating life. That’s when I came across the, the red pill, and a guy named Mystery.

Mystery the OG

In the pick-up community, Mystery was known for his crazy steampunk style, ridiculous hats, fingernail polish, and bell bottom jeans. But why would a grown ass man wear all this dumb shit?


Peacocking is exactly what it sounds like. When a female picks a male peacock, they approach, and she picks the male with the most vibrant eye catching colors. Her selection has one driving reason—picking the male with the best foliage, gives her male offspring the best chance of survival because they will inherit his beautiful foliage.


Height is the obvious one. But every sword is double edged. Women love tall men because women love tall men. Being tall means her offspring will be tall and liked by other women. While that is a good thing, it can be bad if your foliage is awful.

Everyone will see you.

And there is nothing worse you can do to a girls attraction to you than underdeliver. Women love to build up an idea of who you are, typically over how that idea makes her feel. When you are tall, and that DNA kicks in to catch your foliage, and you look like a bum, It doesn’t matter how tight your game is, 99% of the time, you are blown out. Your peacocking is to drive the initial buying temperature up, nothing more nothing less.

The next important piece is your physique. This usually exists on a sliding scale based on how well the other major points we will talk about today, are optimized. None-the-less, are you fat, skinny, athletic, stocky, cut-up? Certain attributes drive a woman’s initial buying temperature up, and others hurt it. But the next one is the most important to me.

A massive part of peacocking is your body language. Women are very Intune with their instincts. So when your body language is that of a defeated beta bitch, nothing can be worse. Your body language is honestly the most important piece of your physicality.

  • “He has presence”
  • “he commands a room”
  • “When he walks in the party stops”

Your body language determines these things. A great book to read is The Definitive Book of Body Language, which goes over dominant male body language. You can be physically fit and tall, but if your body language projects anxiety and fear, you are dead in the water.

Additionally, there is no greater feeling than a woman’s reaction to standing up straight with your chest out, and your shoudlers rolled back. You literally feel better, and woman’s instincts will catch that.


I wear bright colors with ‘sexy’ graphics. What you need to do as a man is find a unique color scheme for yourself that fits what you like. I’m not suggesting wearing the rainbow and looking like an absolute clown. Find colors you like and learn to wear them. If you have a favorite color that is outlandish, you hit the jackpot.

It may feel stupid and embarrassing a first. But this is literally “peacocking” in its purest forms. When done right it will inspire conversation more often than not. Most people wear bland, borning shirts, that people can't talk about. Dare to be different! PEACOCK! Find the colors, graphics, and styles that are unique and outrageous, and intersect them with styles you like.

Approach Bait

You are probably reading this in basketball shorts. And remember, peacocking doesn’t have to be absurd. It just needs to stand out and catch a woman’s eye.

Women do not typically cross paths with men who are willing to take the time to style and profile. They appreciate unique, stylish looks. Women will not approach men and ask for dates. They make themselves available for you to! If she talks to you, complements your look, or in the best case scenario tries to touch you, her lizard brain is flashing the “reproduction” green light on a primal level.

The Approach

Now it's time to get into the game.

Opening or approaching a woman is about giving her every reason to disqualify you. In a reverse psychology methodology, doing so is something that never happens and typically is met with some level of curiosity at worst:

  • “Who does the mofo think he is”
  • “Why is he doing that?”

Women do not put themselves in approachable situations if they don’t like you. They will avoid eye contact, look away, turn around, stay on the opposite side of the bar from you, etc. They are extremely aware of mate signaling, and will not run the risk of sending the wrong signals to the wrong men. But we also hear women say bullshit like:

  • “I like guys who like me!”
  • “Not at lot of guys ask me out!”
  • “I would come if a guy invited me!”
  • “I like nerd guys!”

The key missing suffix is “Guys THAT I LIKE”. So understand opening a girl isn’t about her sleeping with you, or winning every interaction. It's about putting women in a situations to quickly reject you so you can find girls that are interested.

I am a ridiculous person so my openers match my personality:

  • “Hi” Wave—It is absolutely absurd, but it’s a lost art you learned as a child. Waving “weird” and very rejectable. So, if a girl decides to wave back, I know I am a “waving guy that she likes”.
  • Eye contact—any type of prolonged eye contact is a very confident move for a man to have. It is extremely intimate as the eyes are the windows to her soul. Her receptiveness to letting you take a look is a green light.
  • Complement—Should never be about her beauty until you are a seasoned vet. Instead complement things on her that you like. Make sure you genuinely like it and are able to talk about it. If you can’t talk about it, it’s not genuine, and she will call your horse shit a mile away.
Be a Peacock

Reality Will Win

The real-life dating app is the greatest treat on earth to a woman in the dating world when executed correctly. Peacocking is all about standing out in the see of loser men. In the world of digital dating, a man who approaches in real time instantly stands out.

At the end of the day, this should all be fun. And unfortunately you are going to have to take some trial and error losses. But at as you grow into your confidence, you will find it more like a cool spring game of badminton, than jumping between two moving trains.

Get out there and play on playas.

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