How to Avoid Mind Control

How to Avoid Mind Control

Mind Manipulation Aimed Directly At You

How to Avoid Mind Control

The last three years have been one psyop after another. Mass hypnosis and mind control is at a level I’ve never witnessed or experienced before. I’ve seen a few well-centered, researched, and strong individuals make it through intact. But I’ve seen many more be washed away in the undertow of madness and mental slavery.

It’s never been more important to become educated on the workings of the mind and aware of the persuasion techniques being used against us. The mind works on different layers and dimensions. An attack might occur directly to your subconscious, bypassing your conscious mind. You may not even be consciously aware of it, but it’s going in nonetheless, provoking fear, anxiety, and decisions that are not entirely your own.

How to avoid mind control

Awareness Is the Key

In my work as a professional hypnotist, one thing I continually notice with my clients is how much more aware they become of mental programming. Once you realize the power and process of hypnosis, you inevitably begin to understand how everything around you is affecting your mind. We are constantly being programmed. You can't stop the programming from happening, but you can decide who will do the programming.

"You can’t stop the programming from happening, but you can decide who will do the programming."

Andy Eversole
how to avoid mind control

Become the Programmer

And that programmer must be you. You have to become your own hypnotist. You must design your own mind and reality. Otherwise you will be at the whim and mercy of whomever sits at the controls of the mind manipulation machines. And as we have clearly seen, those who are in this position rarely have your best interest in mind.

Follow these steps to begin gaining control over your own mind and protect yourself against psychological attack and mind control.

  1. Clear Out the Noise - Get quiet inside your mind. Shut off the news. Turn off the TV. Stop mindlessly scrolling social media. Think about what it would feel like to be out in the woods alone for a week. At that point, the noise of the world subsides and you begin to hear your inner voice speak up. That is the voice you want to listen to.
  2. Know Yourself - Once you’ve cleared out the noise, your inner voice will tell you the truth. You have principles, hopes, dreams, and desires. Get to know these parts of you well. Once you become comfortable and relaxed in who you are, the mind controllers will have no power over you. You will be like a rock in the middle of a raging river: strong, steadfast, and unshakable.
  3. Program Your Own Mind - We are much like biological computers. Whatever program we run will dictate our reality. Many times people just go with whatever program they are given as children or develop over time. But you are different. You are reading this article. Thus, you have decided to take control over your own mind and life. Figure out what you want, how to get there, and stay focused on the mission at hand. Minding your own business will keep you from being led astray by the flavor of the day.
how to avoid mind control

The Freedom of Thought

With social media, twenty-four hour news cycles, and continued psychological operations aimed at the people, I don’t see this trend slowing down. I only see it ramping up and becoming even more powerful. That makes the skill of understanding and avoiding mind-control supremely important. Follow the steps outlined above and you should be free to create your own reality, no matter how desperate and aggressive the machine becomes.

how to avoid mind control

If you would like guidance, experience, and community to walk this unique path, the best place to start is with my program Life In Purpose. It will help you clear out the noise and focus your attention on what matters to you. I’ll see you in the Control Room of your own mind!

Enjoy the ride!

Andy Eversole, C.H.

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