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How to Make Money with AI

Our new woke overlord, Chat GPT, established a new standard and now people wonder how to make money with AI

As a popular online personality labeled as an intellectual by notable media outlets naturally people desire to pick my noggin. So, my subscribers are given the opportunity to ask me anything.

One subscriber asked about earning income from AI but specifically with Midjourney.

Midjourney is a unique application that generates images using AI.

We pull on this technology for imagery in our articles on

This allows us to circumvent any issues with copyrighted images or time/money spent on creation or hiring someone.

And I use it for my YouTube thumbnails.

Currently, there are agencies that are selling AI-generated images to third parties. Stock images are banal and corny. When you use them everyone knows its stock imagery and it makes your brand look cheap. I've always advised my clients to not use stock images unless they have no alternative.

Anyway, with MidJourney, AI does the work, but your imagination gives it power. We've seen drab images come from the uncreative mind while witnessing alluring images from creative minds.

I think of AI not as a money maker but as a time saver which ultimately can manifest as revenue.

Artificial Intelligence is the new assistant.

If you need some basic info you can ask ChatGPT.

Some are even using it to code apps and scripts. CNET has used it to write financial explainers.

In short, AI removes the monotony from our to-do list, allowing us to focus on the more important jobs.

If I were to go into a "deep think" I could come up with a zillion ways to make money using AI.

This question of making money with AI is one that many will write articles on, as I am now, and I'm sure many exist already.


Chat GPT Money-Making List

I asked ChatGPT to tell me how I can make money with AI and this is what it returned.

  1. Developing AI software or services: you can create and sell AI software or services, such as chatbots, computer vision, or NLP applications.
  2. AI Consulting: You can provide businesses with expert advice on how to use AI to improve their operations, automate processes, and increase efficiency.
  3. Investing in AI startups: you can invest in early-stage AI startups and companies that are developing cutting-edge AI technology.
  4. Selling AI-generated content: you can use AI algorithms to generate unique content, such as articles, images, or videos, and sell it online.
  5. Offering AI training and education: you can offer AI training and educational courses to individuals and businesses looking to upskill their employees.

Number five is the most attractive. The overhead is minimal resulting in a quick launch with higher profits. The vast majority of people will be in the late majority and laggards cohort of the adoption curve and rush to play catch up. Someone will need to catch them up to speed.

The early adopters and early majority, with vision, will be consumed by FOMO and hunt ravenously for any means to get a jump on their competition.

Selling workshops to corporations is appealing. Corporate clients mean higher ticket prices and fewer headaches with more notoriety.

AI does have some trouble with hands so AI-generated people sometimes have nine fingers on one hand. So, a graphic designer will still be necessary (for now). There are also other flaws that need to be repaired like facial expressions.

But over time the AI will get better with this.

A graphic designer told me that he loves it because it saves him time. To make some of the background landscapes would take him weeks. Instead, with AI, he can get what he wants within an hour.

Again, AI is the ultimate assistant.

It makes people better by saving them time on redundant or menial tasks. Students will use it for homework. Search engines will transform.

The more creative you are the more powerful the AI will become.

People who use AI will be more productive than those who don't.

Most of your work emails can be written with ChatGPT. USE IT while it's free.

(The image below was generated with AI Midjourney. It does have many finishing touches by a graphic designer. AI is far from perfect.)

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