How to Use Hypnosis To Get What You Want

How to Use Hypnosis To Get What You Want

Hypnotizing Yourself And Others

Hypnosis is an amazing tool to use for yourself to create a clear vision, change your beliefs, and take drastic action toward your goals. Self-Hypnosis (the art of hypnotizing yourself), is very simple and straightforward, and can create disproportionate results for the amount of time and effort required. I’ve written extensively on that topic in this blog, and you can learn more by going through my articles here on Men of Order.

However, one thing I haven’t covered much is the art of using hypnosis in your everyday life for power and influence. I want to be clear from the outset, this isn’t some dark nefarious process to take people’s will away and have them do your bidding. Instead, it’s simply the art of understanding language, our minds, and behavior, and using that knowledge to get better results at anything you wish to do.

3 Powerful Hypnosis Techniques

Below, I cover three hypnotic techniques that you can take, master, and use to make your life better. It doesn’t matter whether you desire beautiful women hanging all over you, or whether you would enjoy money pouring in with skyrocketing business results, or whether you would simply enjoy the seas to part as you walk the path toward your destiny, what matters the most is that you take these ideas and techniques and begin implementing them immediately in your life.

#1) Descriptive Language and Storytelling - Take the paragraph above as an example. I could have said, “great relationships, better business, and more influence.” But that’s boring. Instead I engaged your imagination and got you thinking in hypnotic terms.

People are drawn into engaging stories and descriptive language. Put yourself into the story. See, hear, touch, and engage the senses for yourself and your audience. When the senses are engaged, people are drawn into the story and hang on your every word. You can then use this focus to influence, steer and suggest certain outcomes.

#2) Framing/Reframing - This one is huge, and really is a mirror of what you believe. Since beliefs are just tools, and can be adjusted to fit your purpose, this gives you a huge advantage in setting the frame.

You see this all the time in media and politics. The headline of an article often sets the frame through which you will read the article. It’s like a pair of glasses that you put on so that you see and understand the media piece in a particular light. This is how mass hypnosis occurs, and how millions of people can adopt premises and beliefs that are patently false. We saw this phenomenon on steroids the last couple of years.

You can also use this to your advantage. If you believe that you are the best thing that could happen to any woman, then this will be your frame in social situations and women will respond according. If you believe that your product is the best solution to a potential client’s problem, and that you are the best person to fulfill that solution, then this will be your frame as your business results flourish.

Adopt the belief, set the frame, and enjoy!

#3) Leading and Pacing - There’s a saying in sales, “Always be closing.” In hypnosis, it is “Always be leading.” As a hypnotist, one must become comfortable with power. In essence, you are always leading someone toward a particular outcome. Sometimes they are ready to move, and the process happens fast. Other times it takes some slowing down and pacing.

Pacing is where you notice someone is not yet ready to move forward. Being sensitive to that, noticing it, and knowing how to handle it is a highly important and valuable skill. Perhaps there is an objection to overcome, a past trauma to get through, or something else. As you develop these skills and gain more and more experience, you will become a master at this.

At any rate, the thing to remember is, “Always be leading.”

Power and Influence

Hypnosis is not what most people think it is. Many get their first taste from a movie or stage show, and see people acting like zombies and doing absolutely anything the hypnotist tells them to do. This is not real.

Hypnosis is the art of using the tools we have at our disposal: language, sensations, and different mind states to not only help other people get the results they are looking for, but also to help ourselves get what we desire. If you are ready to get more comfortable with power and influence, and begin moving through the world in a different way, get into the loop HERE >>> HypnoEarth - POWER & INFLUENCE.

Enjoy the Ride!

Andy Eversole, C.H.

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