hunter biden's laptop in the bath tub with him with a picture of a misleading politico headline

Hunter Biden's Laptop Confirmed by New York Times

After years of Dems claiming the Biden laptop story was Russian disinformation, turns out the disinformation came from home.

You may remember that back in October 2020 the New York Post dropped a bombshell report.

They recovered an old laptop belonging to Hunter Biden, son of Presidential candidate Joe Biden. The laptop contained e-mails linking "the big guy" (Joe Biden) to shady dealings overseas - specifically China and Ukraine.

When the report dropped, Twitter was quick to censor accounts. They placed "dangerous or misleading" content on posts sharing the story. They blocked New York Post's Twitter feed.

The New York Times and Politico led the "respectable media" charge in discrediting the story.

In fact, Politico got "over 50 former senior intelligence officials" to sign a letter calling the story Russian disinformation. (Everything is blamed on Russia these days!)

Even up into June 2021, NPR was running stories saying the Hunter Biden narrative was overt Russian disinfo.

What's more frightening than the ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE doing shady things to influence political elections? The reason Twitter censored the Hunter Biden reporting in the first place.

Leading up to the Hunter Biden report, the regime told Twitter to be on the lookout for just this sort of story.

Federal law enforcement gave Twitter formal warnings that, "‘malign state actors’ might hack and release materials associated with political campaigns and that Hunter Biden might be a target of one such operation."

Now as of today the New York Times says it's all true. In fact, the feds are using the e-mails found on the laptop to investigate Hunter Biden.

The feds told the media that there would be false disinformation coming out about Hunter Biden, while they were using that same "disinformation" to investigate him!

What does this mean?

It means that federal law enforcement, the intelligence community, and the ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE all teamed up to influence the 2020 election for Joe Biden.

Who needs "malign state actors" a world away when we have them right here at home?

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