Ice Cube vs The Gatekeepers

Ice Cube vs The Gatekeepers

Current businessman and former Hip Hop artist 'Ice Cube' has stirred up the pot on Twitter. On Sunday, Ice Cube posted a 4-minute video in which he criticized "gatekeepers" for suppressing the expansion of his BIG3 basketball league.

Since establishing the league in 2017, he claims to have encountered resistance from the NBA and other key broadcasters.

It is safe to say that Ice Cube is not happy about the current situation he is facing and plans on taking matters into his own hands.

In the video, he announced that he wants to go on a podcast tour in order to expose the adversaries that are trying to prevent him and his league from reaching the success it deserves.

The Big3 Basketball League

The basketball league that Ice Cube created is a unique league that anyone can appreciate and enjoy.

Big3 is a 3-on-3 basketball league founded by hip-hop musician and actor Ice Cube and entertainment executive Jeff Kwatinetz.

The league consists of 12 teams whose rosters include both former NBA players and international players.

The rules of Big3 games contain deviations from the official rules of 3-on-3 basketball as administered by FIBA.

The Broadcasting Networks of Big3 included:

The Gatekeepers

Ice Cube began his video by saying, "Some of you may not have realized...that I'm not part of the club...and a lot of you listening to me right now aren't part of the club either."

He also stated, "What makes them so mad is when you don't want to be part of they're f***kin club."

What club is he talking about? Well, that would be 'The Gatekeepers'

If you don't know who the gatekeepers are then you may want to go down the rabbit hole of the entertainment industry. There's plenty of information out there. Trust me you'll figure it out.

Cube is essentially saying that 'The Gatekeepers' are what is really preventing his league from taking off and becoming even more popular than it already is.

He said that ever since he put out the Contract with Black America in 2020 'they' have been messing with him.

The Contract with Black America was a proposition for Politicians to review and agree with in order to address racial inequality before they gained the support of the Black Vote.

Was this motion by Ice Cube the catalyst that started his problems? Maybe...

In an interview with Jake Paul, Ice Cube said "We dealing with Hate From the NBA and we dealing with Qatari Spies." According to Cube, some Qatari investors tried to steal some players and staff members from the league. Wild!

He also claims that the Big 3 Ratings are better than the MLS and the NHL. (Fast Forward to 59:00)

The Revenge Tour

Cube said he just wants the NBA to stop working against them, specifically behind the scenes. He said they can do this without the mainstream media.

However, to deal with 'The Gatekeepers' Cube said he is going to go on a "F*ck the GateKeepers Podcast Tour."

Uh oh!

In his Twitter announcement, he said, “I’ma go talk to everybody. Everybody! And get a chance to get my message out to the people. Be able to let people hear from me...I'm going to talk to everybody I'm not playing. This is going to be a crazy summer."

Cube seems to have an awesome mindset going into this. It is going to be interesting what he reveals on his podcast tour.
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