International Women’s Day — Only The Real Ones

International Women’s Day — Only The Real Ones

Is today International Women’s Day or International Woke Leftist Feminism Day?

While the rest of the world is reading and listening to stories delivered by people who can’t even define what a woman is, the Men Of Order choose to highlight those women who support, promote, and fulfill the natural order.

No need to over complicate things. We’ll just deliver a simple anthology of some epic conversations with the realist of the real:

Shemeka Michelle STRAIGHT No Chaser:

Erica LeShai Drops Bombs:

Project Rook Offers The Blueprint For Health And Wellness:

Sumayyah Simone and Aisha Battle Fight For The Children:

Sonnie Johnson Fights For The Culture:

Eliza Bleu Fights To Stop Human Trafficking:

No Games With Gothix:

Expect The Unexpected With Tori Nicks:

And Expect Even MORE Unexpected From SkyeDaddy:

And This List Wouldn’t Be Complete Without Wendy O, Crypto, Love, And Marriage (And The Finest Chicken And Beans A Man Can Imagine):

Follow these Men of Order Approved women and for more epic interviews such as these, check out Hotep Jesus’s Channel.

Let us not forget those women who support and reinforce from within our inner circle with articles such as this one from our own Halima.

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