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Intro to Homeschooling Your Son

Homeschooling can be intimidating but once you know your "why?" everything becomes clear

The public school system is failing families in many areas of America. America no longer ranks as an intelligent nation. We are being beaten badly by Asia in STEM courses. The hard sciences are taking a back seat to social sciences. Feelings and emotions are overtaking logic.

This problem leaves students with both a weak mind and heart. Your son will not be able to compete with the rest of the world in the global or national economy. The blue-collar and white-collar jobs will go to sons of immigrants.

But you're not homeschooling for the reasons above. There are more critical issues impending. In order for a mind to learn it must be prepared to learn. Asian boys are not born with the innate ability to dominate in STEM. They are imbued with something that allows them to take these subjects seriously.

It is their culture that empowers them. These Asian cultures understand the importance of virtue, purpose, honor, discipline, and perseverance. These are the lessons missing from American culture.

What's the point in teaching your son any subject if he does not know why he is learning it? How is your son supposed to establish virtue without a purpose?

You are not removing your son from being educated by a woman, paid by the state, to learn some subjects. You are removing him in order to give him cultural lessons. You want to make a man out of him. A woman cannot teach your son how to be a man because she never was one.

Step One

When your son goes to school he will recite The Pledge of Allegiance. This is a ritual to unite the heart of your son with the mind of the state. But does your son recite a pledge of allegiance to his family? I'm certain you will more than likely answer that with a "no."

So, you will begin with writing a creed for your son to recite based on the values you deem important. Think about it this way. When you transition into the next realm and your son is left without your physical presence, what do you want his default mindset to be? When you are gone, at least he will be left with a creed or default programming to guide him through this unforgiving world without your help.

After having established a creed for your son to follow that will protect and empower him through the good and the bad you must write one for the family. This will be the family creed. Again, think about your critical values and insert them into this creed.

Your son must know the value and importance of family and have full allegiance. In ancient times this would be the tribe. It is imperative for your son to know why it is important to protect and serve the tribe above anything else. The tribe is the core of his power. This is especially important if your son has siblings. Your son must perceive his family as his security blanket. Security will lead to confidence.

Step Two

In step one we have crafted and reinforced the core of your son. Now that he has a purpose and feels the security of his family he is now ready to take on other lessons. We now must decide what extracurricular activities your son will enjoy and which will serve him best.

He is to choose one team sport and one solo activity. With team activities, he will gain social acumen and team working abilities. With the solo activity, he will learn ultimate responsibility and accountability. In team sports, when you lose you lose as a team. But in solo activities like chess or wrestling, YOU LOSE ALONE. There is no one else to blame. This builds accountability.

With these activities come success and failure. I believe you should give your son credit for his success. But as for his failures, you should silently blame them on yourself. Your son knows when he blunders. He will not need reminders because these mistakes will play over and over again in his mind. There is no need to reinforce them.

The approach here is to get your son more training in areas where he is weak. In sports, there is muscle memory. If your son is failing he most likely needs more repetitions. Did you take that extra hour out of your day to play catch with him?

Above all else, give your son confidence. If your son had a bad game then on the way home change the subject. Talk about something fun and light-hearted. Your son must know that you love him no matter how he performs in these activities and ultimately they are not that important.

It is the next day, after the dust of failure has settled that you go over your son's mistakes and how to correct them. At this time you both have had an opportunity to calm down. A level-headed conversation is now possible. It is at this time he is more likely to accept your teachings and learn. But silently remind yourself that your son's mistakes are your own because you failed somewhere in his training.

Step Three

This next step is an iterative one that can be combined with step one. Establish what's important. Reinforce in your son why he is important to you and the tribe. Allow him to understand why the tribe is important.

Tell your son stories of his future. Paint a vivid picture in his mind of the greatness you see him achieving in the future. The more grandiose the story, the better. If the story you tell does not put your son in disbelief then exaggerate even more.

Your son should question if what you are saying is even possible for him. Then tell him that this picture is small compared to what he will actually accomplish. Let him know that you cannot even fathom what he might do.

Talk about the many castles he will build, the people he will help, and how people will perceive him. Make him the king of kings. When your son has a moment of contemplation he will ponder on this dream. This will build the subconscious expectations he sets for himself.

In the next part of this series, we will discuss freedom and how much your son should be allowed to have, and why it is important.

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