3 Simple Steps to get a Job out of College

3 Simple Steps to get a Job out of College

Getting a job out of college can be stressful and challenging, especially with those daunting student loans hanging over your head. Every year, more people than ever are getting a Bachelor's Degree, so it has never been harder to get hired.

Sometimes, the reason is out of their control, but I have noticed that a lot of young people are not doing what is necessary to stand out from their peers. Due to the competitiveness in the job market, it is absolutely essential to differentiate from the crowd.

Let's say there are 99 people in a room and they are all wearing the color red. If you walked in the room with a blue shirt on, everyones eyes would be glued on you due to the fact that you are different from everyone else, and everybody would remember you as "the blue shirt guy."

This is what you need to do in order to get hired directly after you graduate. It is necessary that you stand out so much that the employers have no choice but to remember you. The more of an impact you can have on a potential employer, the more you increase your chances of getting a job out of college.

Let's take a look at three simple steps to help you stand out and nail that first interview.

Intern and Volunteer

In order to separate yourself from the field, you are going to need to build up a nice looking resume. Most employers don't care about your degree or your GPA. The only thing they care about is what type of work experience you have done along the way.

A lot of the time young people don't want to do internships which is understandable. During the school year you are dealing with long classes and then get slammed with tons of school work. Adding more to your plate is the last thing you have on your mind and in the summer time you probably just want to take a break and relax.

I totally understand this, but in order to get ahead of the competition you are going to have to do things you don't want to do. You need to have the Mamba Mentality and embrace the grind.

Most job postings require quite a bit of experience, so it important that you build up skills and show that you are a hard worker. A lot of people do absolutely nothing in college and then are surprised when no one wants to hire them.

Let's look at things from a different perspective.

Imagine you were the owner of a professional basketball team and you need one more player to complete your roster. Player A has zero playing experience, while Player B has 3 years of basketball experience playing in college.

Which player would you choose to complete your team? Exactly...

Companies are always looking for interns. Your college or university can usually provide you with a list of open internships on their job listing site and alumni network.

If you have trouble finding an internship through your school, sites like LinkedIn and Glassdoor are constantly posting internships. Just search for one in your area.

This is all easier said than done and sometimes it is hard to get an internship. If you are having trouble landing one, another option you have to build your resume is to do volunteer work. Reach out to your professors or Google volunteer work based on the career you are trying to build.

Like I said earlier, it is all about building your resume to show what work experience you have. Volunteer work is still considered work experience, so don't look at volunteer opportunities as less of an opportunity.

Build a Network

"It's not about what you know, it's about who you know, but most importantly it's about who knows you."

Obviously, you have to have some type of work experience when being considered for a job, but if you can create an impactful relationship with someone, then you can dramatically increase your chances of getting a job out of college.

Colleges and Universities usually host networking events with their Alumni Association along with other companies they have established relationships with. These events usually have a number of people who want to create new relationships with students and provide opportunities for them. Take advantage of these events and talk to as many people as possible.

Along with this, reach out to your favorite Professors to see who they have in their work and personal network. If they like you and see that you're hungry for success they will most likely be willing to help you out and put in a good word.

Also, don't be afraid to reach out to people you know, such as family friends or your friends parents. The more relationships you create the better.

Once you have the opportunity to be face to face with somebody, ask them about their current situation and their experiences on their journey as a student. People like talking about themselves and want to feel important, so when you ask them about their life and their journey they feel as if you're speaking to their heart.

You can also try to connect with them in other areas, such as talking about sports or their favorite movie. Once you feel the time is right, ask them for their contact information so that you can stay in touch.

Follow up with them through email thanking them for their time and knowledge. These small steps go a long way in the hiring process and mean a lot to current employees.

Networking with others is one of the most important actions you can take in order to increase the chances of getting job out of college.

Research Companies

The interview process can be intimidating and nerve wracking, so once you have landed an interview it is absolutely crucial to do as much research on the company as possible.

Most companies will require you to do 2-3 interviews before they hire you, and your first impression is everything. Most of the time they will ask, "How did you hear about our company and tell me what you know about us."

Doing your research will better prepare you for your interview. A lot of the time there is awkward tension and long pauses between questions. If you can answer questions swiftly and thoroughly, then you can make a nice first impression on your potential employer by showing that you are well prepared.

Researching your potential company will allow you to construct your resume to your benefit. A lot of the time, the job listings and interview questions are online, so you can see what you are getting yourself into and how to make yourself look good as possible.

This is your chance to really stand out and show that you are extremely excited about the opportunity at hand.

Stand Out

In order to get a job right out of college, you need to stand out from others.

Put in the extra time and effort to land an internship, build a solid network, and do your research on your potential employers.

If you follow these simple steps you will undoubtedly be able to land a job immediately. Good Luck!

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