Joe Rogan is NOT Racist

Joe Rogan is NOT Racist

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This incident has everyone thinking, "Is Joe Rogan racist?"

Joe Rogan went viral after a cut-up video of him using the "n-word" on multiple different occasions hit the twitter surface. Rogan took to Instagram to apologize for the video calling it, "regretful and shameful."

Rogan stated in his apology video that the clips were "taken out of context," yet he admits that "It looks fucking horrible, even to me."

It seems that Rogan wasn't using this slur as a pejorative, he was using it to explain other stories and scenarios where the word was said, however, he did admit in his apology that it was wrong and he shouldn't have said the word in the first place.

Now, this video surfaced just a few weeks after the cancel culture crowd once again tried to cancel Rogan for his podcast. People are claiming that Rogan is spreading "Covid-19 misinformation," and want him removed from Spotify.

Several Musicians and medical professionals have been attacking Rogan and Spotify, with many of the musicians threatening to take their music off of the platform. Neil Young was the first to threaten Spotify and said he would remove his music if they didn't remove Rogan's content from their platform.

Spotify responded by removing Young's music and standing by Rogan, but labeling episodes as having "content warning labels."

Rogan was originally attacked when he had Biologist Bret Weinstein on his show and they discussed how Ivermectin could lead to "The End of Covid." The attacks on Rogan really amplified after he had on Dr. Robert Malone, a vaccine scientist and Medical Doctor, who has been skeptical of the government's actions during the pandemic.

Joe Rogan Interviewing Dr. Robert Malone

Whether you like or agree with Joe Rogan is entirely your choice and your opinion, however, the canceling of Joe Rogan is very dangerous. Taking anyone's first amendment right takes power away from the American people.

It seems like the real reason the video of Rogan using the "n-word" surfaced is because of the agenda to get him off of social media platforms. People are angry with his opinions and controversial guests and are now willing to do anything to get rid of him.

Certain media outlets want all of the power. They want to shape and influence your thoughts and ideas so you have no creativity or free thought.

They don't want powerful individuals, they want weak ones who can easily be manipulated.

Ironically, in 2019 Rogan had a discussion with Bryan Sharpe, A.K.A. Hotep Jesus, about the dangers of media censorship. Sharpe is a tech entrepreneur and 3-time author who brought valuable insight to the conversation.

Joe Rogan may be our last hope for centrist media. It seems like he and Tim Pool are the only ones willing to challenge the narratives of the mainstream media.

Censorship in general is dangerous to society. It is very important to have freedom of expression and freedom of speech.

Sharpe mentions that it is very easy to create a narrative online explaining that you need to take every piece of information with a grain of salt.

Power: the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events. Mainstream media outlets want all of the power and fear-free thinkers like Rogan and Sharpe.

Sharpe added a great point about the internet's purpose. Was it created for freedom, or was it created for control?

This conversation between Sharpe and Rogan was very interesting. I recommend taking a look at the full clip.

As mentioned earlier, it is obvious that there is an attack on Rogan. People fear him and will do anything to remove him from the spotlight.

Ironically, it seems that the attempted cancellation of Rogan has done the complete opposite and brought him more viewers.

Here is what Sharpe had to say on the situation.

Censorship is Bad

So, is Joe Rogan Racist?

With all this being said, I do not believe Joe Rogan is racist. He had no right to use the "n-word" but he owned up to his faults. He messed up and took full responsibility.

Unfortunately, the pandemic has become very political. I do not believe this video being brought to light was about race, I believe it is about censorship.

Rogan is not in good standing with a certain political party and it seems like they are willing to do whatever it takes to take away his stardom. They are also trying to attack his masculinity.

Censorship is dangerous to the American people. It is important that we have the capability to voice and express our free thoughts.

Free thought and expression is necessary in order to develop new ideas and continue progress. Censorship requires compliance and obstructs people from using their creativity.

Censorship is bad. It takes away your freedom. Don't let them convince you otherwise.

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