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JRE 1775 - Dave Smith (Podcast Summary)

The Joe Rogan Experience - Episode 1775

Dave Smith is a stand-up comedian and political commentator. He is also the host of the "Part of the Problem" podcast, and co-host of the "Legion of Skanks" podcast.

This episode starts off with some friendly banter detailing Joe Rogan's very natural career progression from comedian to freedom fighter.

The first hour covers outrage culture and recent topics, such as Whoopi Goldberg's holocaust blooper and Joe Rogan's recent run-in with the cancel terrorists. We finally learn what has made the Young Turks so unwatchable, and why it is that people just absolutely hate CNN.

Dave Smith tells some humorous stories about his time as a CNN contributor, such as a time when he confronted Brian Stelter on CNN's role in spreading misinformation. You'll definitely want to hear this.

The second hour talks about the Bug-19 era. Was this actually a revolutionary regime change that occurred right before our eyes? Here Dave Smith goes over some really stunning statistics in terms of childhood obesity as a result of lockdowns. Then they discuss how people were demonized and banned from social media for opinions that are now accepted fact by the CDC.

This leads into some love for those brave Canadian truckers fighting the good fight up North.

Where Dave Smith really shines is in his knowledge and passion on foreign affairs. You can feel it when he breaks down the war in Yemen that started under Obama and continues to this day, which UNICEF named as the #1 humanitarian crisis on the planet. Why is no one talking about this?

Rogan goes on an interesting tangent about how Mohammad bin Salman Al Saud purchased a 1/2 billion dollar painting that might not even really be a da Vinci! Was he duped?

This conversation eventually finds its way back to foreign policy where Dave Smith drops some gems about what the US did to create Osama Bin Laden. Then we find out what our take away from 9/11 should have been. Was the price of human suffering experienced by all sides of that conflict worth our involvement in foreign lands?

Some very interesting points are made about Joe Biden's pull out game (pause) from Afghanistan. (Maybe we shouldn't have been so hard on the guy.)

Speaking of Joe Biden - does the emperor have no clothes?

It's only fitting that this episode, which has taken us everywhere from cancel culture and lockdowns, to wine tasting and war in Iraq, wrap up with some MMA sports chat.

Some other points of interest are:

Adele's gender neutral award show controversy.

Why Joe Rogan is so big and why the corporate press hates him so much.

Examples of CNN's dangerous war propaganda and the catastrophic consequences. These have led to thousands of deaths!

Rogan saying he should read more AP news articles because "hot takes" are bad for your health…..then immediately reading an inflammatory Reason headline about a CNN personality. LOL

Shout out to AntiWar.com, where Dave Smith goes daily for his foreign policy news!

What kind of hair is on Joe Rogan's werewolf?

A story about some guy who defrauded the Koch brothers out of millions of dollars with phony wine. lol!

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