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JRE 1779 - Michael Osterholm (Podcast Summary)

The Joe Rogan Experience - Episode 1779

Dr. Michael Osterholm is an expert in infectious disease epidemiology, professor, and director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy. He's also the host of "The Osterholm Update: COVID-19" podcast, and author of multiple books, including "Deadliest Enemy: Our War Against Killer Germs."

Clearly this episode was meant to balance the Dr. Malone classic that got JRE into such hot water. Dr. Osterholm is one of the anointed experts. For example, he has ties to the World Economic Forum. So, be it the threat of bio-terrorism, H1N1 or Ebola, Dr. Osterholm has never met a disaster he didn't love to black pill.

And that's how this episode starts off. Dr. Osterholm insists the darkest days of the COVID-19 pandemic are ahead of us.

He then fills out the first hour with admissions of being insufficiently expert, or just not having answers, to Rogan's questions. It is entirely frustrating and I can only imagine how Joe felt trying to squeeze water out of this rock.

You start to get the sense this guy lives in a different level of the metaverse - especially when he starts claiming the government was promoting metabolic health for the past two years. Homie, what!?

The second hour we move away from COVID specific questions. Finally, Osterholm is there with clear, digestible information for us. Then Joe sneaks him back to COVID specific questions and we start getting some answers.

Dude at least objects to kids being masked....kind of...They should wear N95s, not cloth...and do social distancing in the cafeteria...You know what? Let me just get you the timestamps.


8:25 Why some people get the 'rona worse than others. How about the children?

12:23 What is the deal with all these new variants?

20:04 No evidence supports this is a man made virus?! Then blithely ignores all indicators that point to this maybe being a man made virus lol.

32:50 Rogan tries to get Osterholm to just answer a simple question about Gain of Function Research.

40:00 Osterholm gets smug trying to make it seem like the lab leak theory people are goofy and Rogan sets him straight. (You know how Rogan do!)

41:35 Why are people asymptomatic? Even though Osterholm is an expert, he doesn't know that either. 🤦🏽‍♂️

43:00 No other virus acts this way. COVID-19 "keeps throwing 210 mph curveballs at us!" So strange... Definitely not from a lab though - lol!

45:55 Going over the infectious data of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated with the variants.

52:00 Osterholm can't answer any questions about "long COVID" either, so Rogan goes ahead and tells us about how it has affected athletes.

1:02:30 Osterholm gets comfortable now talking about the inequity of COVID-19 by race and wants to see a better testing to drug treatment pipeline for minority groups. (Okay, that was my own phraseology but it's basically what he said.)

1:12:11 Did you know only Black and Mexican people were essential workers while all the white guys like sat at home during lockdown?

1:14:15 So the plan is to train Black barbers to talk to their clients about health matters while cutting hair.

1:16:30 Vaccine mandates for healthcare workers debate.

1:21:35 Some very fascinating information about the differences between the COVID vaccines and their long term efficacies.

1:27:10 Why an "overall immunity" boost is not a good idea and targeted inoculation is best.

1:31:55 What's up with all the myocarditis?

1:38:20 The data on Israel's COVID-19 surge. (This is very confusing and isn't actually answered until 2:17:10)

1:46:45 Why get the vackzeen if Omicron doesn't care about your feelings?

1:51:30 The MRNA vagines are just the first wave. After that, we're going to have vajeens 2.0 and 3.0 🤑🤑🤑🤑

1:57:20 Why we are in much worse shape now for a future pandemic than we were two years ago. (Major black pill)

2:01:25 Do masks work?

2:13:38 Osterholm thinks the public tune out scientists like him because they don't say "I don't know" enough. (Yeah. He said that with a straight face.)

2:19:20 Talking about other countries' responses to COVID-19. Osterholm thinks New Zealand got it right.

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