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JRE 1788 - Mr. Beast (Podcast Summary)

The Joe Rogan Experience - Episode 1788

Jimmy "Mr. Beast" Donaldson is an internet personality, businessman, and philanthropist. He operates several popular YouTube channels, a delivery based fast food restaurant, Mr. Beast Burger, and two philanthropic programs: Beast Philanthropy, and Team Trees.

This dude is buoyant, charming and absolutely obsessed with YouTube! He is also charitable and selfless. And lastly, he has cracked the code on how to produce viral content.

This interview is a wealth of information. It is not just about how to be YouTube successful, but the whole package of what has made Mr. Beast a phenomenon. His energy and charitable outlook are definitely parts of the "package." You would be very hard pressed to find a person this young who was this full of wisdom. So even if you are a teenager, or a seasoned adult, you have something to learn from Mr. Beast!

Mr. Beast has been on YouTube since he was 11 years old, and he is now 23. He operates several channels, each with millions of subscribers. He has over 100 employees. And he has viral YouTube content creation down to a science.

But does he know anything outside of YouTube? Just how to be one hell of a great person.


15:30 Mr. Beast's wise words on money and lifestyle.

19:00 Homie bought an island and just gave it away!?

22:50 Spending $4 million dollars to film a YouTube video. 😱 The infrastructure he has built to keep his channels rolling.

29:00 Life cycle of a YouTuber. How he has stayed relevant. The importance of having a team.

38:45 The benefits of getting content out on YouTube vs. building your own site.

42:15 How TikTok is so sketchy and disturbing. A crazy difference between China TikTok and American TikTok.

46:40 How Mr. Beast Burger's business model saved mom and pop restaurants survive Covid lockdowns. Also, he's building a chocolate river!? 😱

52:33 Is Mr. Beast going to go overboard?

1:01:00 Doing a marathon in size 40 shoes.

1:09:00 Not sweating the content biters and haters.

1:11:00 Some incredible philanthropic works.

1:19:24 Various other YouTube videos he has.

1:25:30 Mr. Beast wants to hire you. Job offer announced and open to all.

1:27:30 Life with Crohn's disease.

1:34:30 He also does YouTube mentoring. What is his biggest piece of advice?

1:50:30 Virtual Reality taking over?

2:00:00 Joe Rogan theorizes about the singularity.

2:07:15 Ex Machina (Rogan movie review).

2:15:00 "Those anime dorks need to get out of the fucking house…" (Rogan said that, not Mr. Beast)

2:18:00 He's never seen South Park!? Why Mr. Beast never had any friends growing up.

2:26:00 What Mr. Beast really wants to drill in your head about achieving success.

2:31:00 Final thoughts on achieving success from Mr. Beast.

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