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JRE 1789 - Tom Papa (Podcast Summary)

The Joe Rogan Experience - Episode 1789

Comedian and writer Tom Papa is the host of the popular podcast "Breaking Bread with Tom Papa," and the co-host, along with Fortune Feimster, of the Netflix radio program "What a Joke with Papa and Fortune." It can be heard daily on Sirius XM.

Kick back with Joe and Tom and just shared a few laughs. This episode is two guys shootin' the shit and that's about all that can be said about it!

The first half hour is all black pilled war talk. After that we get into talking sports and movies. Pretty straight forward stuff.


8:30 Fights breaking out on the golf course?

14:00 Remember March of 2020? Reminescing about the start of the pandemic.

17:00 The war is freaking Rogan out, man.

33:50 What happens if we let the nukes fly?

38:00 What's weird about electing a president?

39:20 Christian Bale fan girling

45:10 Watching Buster Keaton stunts. Tom Cruise doing his own stunts.

53:30 Cooking meals and breaking down the upcoming UFC events.

1:08:00 Baseball lockout. We're pissed! But what role did baseball play in shaping Rogan's life?

1:15:00 Hating on phony sports fans. The Mexican soccer brawl.

1:21:00 Sports is the replacement for war. Some football history. Native American history.

1:33:00 Cultures we don't know about. What happened to them?

1:38:00 Sports betting getting players in troubs. Pete Rose fiasco.

1:48:00 Women love dad bods more than fit bods.

1:49:00 Rogan mouth sounds.

1:55:15 Cry baby victim men. Rogan goes feminist for #InternationalWomensDay.

2:00:00 Virtual reality talk. Dog talk.

2:07:45 How bodies atrophy over time. Getting old. Staying healthy.

2:35:20 Joe's new werewolf. Comparing werewolf movies.

2:51:45 Old comedy films that could not be made today. When was the last great comedy movie?

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