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JRE 1794 - Monty Franklin (Podcast Summary)

The Joe Rogan Experience - Episode 1794

Monty Franklin is a stand-up comedian, actor, writer, and television personality.

Three and a half hours of these two buddies shooting the breeze. Yes, it's one of those episodes. You can expect a lot of joking around and laughing. The last half hour is watching and commentating on MMA videos.

Monty is from Australia, so expect a lot of funny accent quirks and talk about kangaroos.


16:45 Koalas are stoned 24 hours out of the day. Fall out of trees. Kangaroos are jacked.

36:50 The real life Popeye.

41:30 Mummified Buddhist hidden in a 1000-year-old statue.

48:00 Counting ribs on Buddha statues. A story about Joe's monk friend.

57:50 What it's like to hang out with Robert Pattinson.

1:09:00 SNL used to be wild but now it's woke.

1:18:00 Press F in the chat for the Babylon Bee. (mini Rogan RantTM)

1:38:50 Tazmania water makes the best beer.

1:51:00 What it's like hanging out with comedians.

2:00:00 The excesses of the rich. Ripping off Koch brothers with phony wine.

2:21:10 Tiger penis world?

2:27:00 Hunting in Australia.

2:34:00 Some cool stuff about aboriginal culture in Australia. Joe relates this to psychedelics (of course). Adventures in dreaming.

2:58:00 MMA Talk!

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