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JRE 1797 - Josh Barnett (Podcast Summary)

The Joe Rogan Experience - Episode 1797

Josh Barnett is a mixed martial artist, professional wrestler, color commentator, and host of "Josh Barnett's Bloodsport."

"Our aristocracy is nothing but managerial, rent-seeking elites that don't know how to make or create anything anymore." - Josh Barnett. (Whew!)

You may think that an episode featuring an old friend who is an MMA warrior would be mostly about fighting. Usually, you would be right. This time, you are wrong!

Josh Barnett proves himself to be a rather introspective, astute, and well-studied individual. So brace yourself for three hours of intense commentary on modernity.

It's pretty evident that Mr. Barnett is a big fan of Nietzsche and Oswald Spengler (paid links). He draws much of his insight from these two authors - he references their books frequently throughout this episode. (Not gonna lie, they're good and influential books and will eventually be taken up in our Indestructible Mindset series! So study up.)

You will also hear the term "Kali Yuga" a lot. This is a reference to Hinduism: that the world goes through four stages, or "yugas". Kali Yuga is the last, and worst, of these stages - full of sin and conflict.

If ever there was a Man of Order, Josh Barnett seems to be it: intelligent, well studied, disciplined, and capable of extreme violence.


10:30 Don't mess with crazy women.

12:15 Racing the Baha 1000.

22:00 Badass cars. 😃 People turning badass cars into EVs 😡

30:00 Victor Henry/Raoni Barcelos fight. How Josh strategized to win!

43:50 Bruce Lee biopic is full of crap.

47:40 How Josh got into Catch Wrestling. How classic wrestling evolved into Pro Wrestling as we know it.

56:00 Levels of athletic coaching.

1:03:50 Benefit in learning how to train/teach all different kinds of people. Picking and choosing students.

1:11:25 Trash talking in MMA.

1:22:00 Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the OSCARS. Rogan RantTM!

1:38:00 The phases of civilizations. Effects of technology on humanity. Philosophical discussion.

1:52:00 The plant-based "meat" agenda. (Bill Gates strikes again. Why do people listen to him?)

1:56:50 Monkey beating the crap out of a seagull. And seagulls deserve that.

2:01:00 Trying to compartmentalize everything we do. Listen - just get up and move! The exploration of ideas through conversation.

2:06:00 Why Joe Rogan became a target. (Deep philosophical dive.)

2:17:30 What is causing the rise in gas prices? Stupid media takes on inflation.

2:26:00 Why politics will always become an oligarchy. How it's playing out in modern society.

2:39:00 Homelessness is a grift.

2:46:19 Do we lack resolve because we are unaware of death?

2:54:00 Giant problem of social media today.

2:57:00 How to clean your palate for tasting bourbon. Josh Barnett's award-winning whiskey (not a paid link) and vodka. His upcoming rum.

3:05:50 Bloodsport 6! Pro-Wrestling.

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