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JRE 1801 - David Mamet (Podcast Summary)

The Joe Rogan Experience - Episode 1801

David Mamet is a playwright, screenwriter, director, and author. He has won a Pulitzer Prize and received Tony nominations for his plays, Glengarry Glen Ross and Speed-the-Plow. His screenwriting credits include The Verdict and The Untouchables. His latest book Recessional: The Death of Free Speech and the Cost of a Free Lunch (paid link) is now available.

If you knew nothing about this guy you might think the author of Glengarry Glen Ross was definitely a hardcore liberal. That one's about the lack of humanity in an unforgiving capitalist system, isn't it? Well - think again.

David Mamet is a rare find in this world. He has had a hand in several classic films, including Wag the Dog, and yet is staunchly conservative.

The episode kicks off with Mamet explaining how fascism and totalitarianism are always coming from the Left (with receipts!) Thirteen minutes in he's calling the Left a "Death Cult"! Needless to say, there are plenty of awkward moments in this interview.

Seriously - this episode is Ben Shapiro's wet dream.

The dude is 75 years old and doesn't look or sound like he's dying any time soon - so that's pretty good. He credits jiu-jitsu for that.

Mamet is everyone's boomer uncle they don't want to invite to Thanksgiving. Well - now your boomer uncle is on Rogan red pilling the masses. Look out!


4:00 Discussing what the bible is and its usefulness.

13:00 The Left is a death cult.

16:45 Civilizations on their deathbed become obsessed with gender definitions.

19:30 History of the American middle class and what went wrong.

35:30 Teacher's Union control over the democrats. Rogan RantTM about the time a teacher told his 9-year-old she couldn't just be racist but needed to be "anti-racist".

55:15 Prosperity is what is messing us up? 🤔

1:00:00 Immigration is being used to buy votes. Welfare vs. social safety net.

1:10:25 College is basically welfare…?

1:34:00 Talking about Mamet's new book, Recessional.

1:40:00 Censorship in tech. How do we fix this nonsense?

1:52:00 When and how Mamet became a conservative. (Book recommends: The Road to Serfdom by Freidrich Hayek and Capitalism and Freedom by Milton Friedman.)

2:08:50 Comin up in Hollywood - how the industry has changed in the last 40 years.

2:19:18 Entertainment business is overwhelmingly dominated by left-wing ideologues.

2:25:13 What was abandoned to become a conservative?

2:34:00 Basically an AMA about his movie career.

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