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JRE 1804 - Bill Maher (Podcast Summary)

The Joe Rogan Experience - Episode 1804

Bill Maher is a comedian, political commentator, the host of HBO's "Real Time with Bill Maher" and his own podcast, "Club Random." His new special, "#Adulting" is available on April 15 on HBOMax.

We all know who Bill Maher is on tv. But do we know who Bill Maher is when he's not on tv? Turns out, he's just as Bill Maher!

So, be prepared for an episode of Maher straw-manning right-wing positions and attempts to convey superior intellect. He even tries to get Rogan to feel stupid for having tattoos. Rogan's a good enough guy and lets him get away with it - a friendly disagreement ensues. No one gets hurt.

The best takeaway from this episode? The limitations of Western medicine and a healthy approach to the health industry. Bill Maher gets this absolutely right.

We also learn that Rogan prefers his coffee to steep in his French press for an incredible 40+ minutes!


6:22 David Mamet - hell yeah!

10:30 Bill Maher is the same guy but the progressives have gone nuts.

18:30 What does Maher think Republicans believe?

20:30 Climate change

29:30 This is what Rogan thinks about you if he asks if you believe in ghosts.

32:30 Maher can't work or fuck without weed. But don't worry, guys. He is not addicted or anything.

37:00 Testosterone replacement is less dangerous than dying. Childhood anxiety rates thanks to COVID lockdowns and regulations.

41:30 Rogan just now pushes down his French press plunger. So, his coffee has been steeping for over 40 minutes!?

47:00 We are still in the infancy of understanding how the human body works. Bill Maher's viewpoint of Western medicine is based.

58:30 Body positivity is death.

1:01:00 Rogan uses the good old "We pay for the fire department and that's socialist, so why not college?" argument.

1:09:00 Bill straw-manning Republicans again lol.

1:15:00 Not sure what the topic is here. Moving to the mountains, moose stomping, and Lyme disease?

1:22:00 Realities of the mind-body connection.

1:24:20 Comanches, Native Americans, and hidden ancient civilizations buried beneath the Amazon.

1:37:00 The man behind Joe Rogan's tattoo sleeve. Bill Maher's anti-tattoo bit needs some work.

1:44:10 Social media makes everything worse.

1:52:20 Whoopi Goldberg getting in trouble.

2:12:00 Health and body decisions.

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