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JRE 1805 - Mike Tyson (Podcast Summary)

The Joe Rogan Experience - Episode 1805

Mike Tyson is the former undisputed heavyweight boxing champion of the world and host of the "Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson" podcast.

Mike Tyson used to be a relentless beat-down machine. Now he's like an AI that is programmed to spit out nothing but gems of universal wisdom.

But are his fighting days behind him? Maybe not... Word is he and Jake Paul are in negotiations...


9:30 Few great coaches have been good fighters. What it takes to make a great mentor.

14:00 How can death be bad? Rogan and Tyson get deep.

18:30 Tiny little monkey scalps some dude. Monkies getting eaten by chimps. Giant congo chimps.

24:00 Is there a real tribe of superwomen fighters? That remove their right breasts so they can do archery? And enslave their babies?

27:00 These ancient geniuses aren't down to hangout with. Tyson breaks it down lol. Rogan says they found LSD residue in ancient pots. How baked are these guys right now? lol

31:00 Vikings. How Tyson takes care of his pet tigers.

1:00:00 What did it feel like to get back into fighting?

1:20:00 What's it like in Chechnya? Wars in other countries.

1:28:00 Doing cocaine off mummies and drinking baby blood to stay younger.

1:38:50 Embalming is rude.

1:44:00 Chimps are badass and eat jaguars. Is it possible human evolution was manipulated by…..aliens?

1:56:00 Rats. How do birds navigate? Do humans have magnets in their noses? Bears can smell very far - like, incredibly far.

2:07:50 Tyson defending the trans community and supporting his daughter.

2:13:00 Joe and Mike are moved to tears by the spirituality of fighting. Reminisce about great fighters of the day.

2:23:50 More about bears. Human evolution.

2:31:30 History of syphilis and venereal diseases. What does it have to do with French wigs?

2:45:00 How Mike became the greatest ever.

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