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JRE 1807 - Douglas Murray (Podcast Summary)

The Joe Rogan Experience - Episode 1807

Douglas Murray is a political commentator, journalist, and author. His most recent book "The War on the West: How to Prevail in the Age of Unreason" is available now.

It's always nice when an English bloke crosses the pond to live among his American cousins and winds up becoming a big advocate for freedom!

The first hour of this episode goes over some contemporary issues, such as COVID - of course. This hour also includes Joe Rogan's spot-on impersonation of Brian Stelter.

The second hour covers Murray's book, The War on the West, and his personal insights on these matters. Specifically, how anti-white rhetoric and hatred are tearing us apart.

Finally, the episode wraps up with a conversation about good old-fashioned American exceptionalism, drugs and creative folk, and success mindset.


5:00 Rogan gained 2 million subscribers thanks to the outrage mob. Talking smack about CNN. Rogan's hilarious Brian Stelter impersonation.

14:00 Jordan Peterson and the BBC. The state of news and social discourse.


35:00 Election integrity in the United States.

45:00 Female inmates impregnating other female inmates.

55:30 Waning religious influence in society leading to Atheism+ and other ways to fill the void.

1:06:00 The War of the West. Discussing Douglas' new book.

1:11:00 The $4000 a plate race hustle.

1:23:00 Nancy Pelosi's stupidity and corruption.

1:35:00 What let this wokeism ideology germinate and spread?

1:44:20 And where will this all go from here?

1:54:30 The inequality of effort. For example, non-binary being used by white women to claim an instant special status.

2:04:00 What it once meant to be American - American exceptionalism.

2:31:30 Hunter Thompson's daily routine.

2:40:00 The thoughts you need for success.

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