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JRE 1808 - Dan Soder (Podcast Summary)

The Joe Rogan Experience - Episode 1808

Dan Soder is a stand-up comedian, actor, and co-host of "The Bonfire" with Big Jay Oakerson on SiriusXM.

This episode is really all over the place with what they talk about. Dan seems like the chill drinking buddy that wants to relate with you on absolutely everything.

Another thing about Dan is his endless gallows humor. There's some pretty dark and horrific subject matter in this episode and Dan is always right in there with an indecorous joke. It's an acquired taste for sure, but if you're like me it's downright hilarious.


6:49 Mike Tyson's mile-high beat down.

11:15 Fedor is a dad bod MMA legend.

17:00 Rogan breaking boards in karate.

18:40 McDojo Life on Instagram.

27:00 The importance of bombing in comedy. Dan & Rogan epic bomb stories.

47:00 Post-workout clarity.

52:00 Can't be afraid of losing.

1:03:50 Wise man Mike Tyson.

1:06:00 What's behind great stand-up.

1:20:00 Talent is overrated - what really counts.

1:31:00 Pitbull treadmill making these dogs jacked. Belgian malinois = meat rockets.

1:39:00 Wolf hunting. More rats in NY than humans.

1:48:30 The Donnor party. Cannibalism and disease.

1:55:00 Bloodthirsty serial killers and Saddam Hussein's crazy-ass murderous sons.

2:08:00 World class MMA fighters breaking their shins.

2:11:00 What to do if you're on JRE and you need to piss.

2:18:50 Dude Tyson punched had a rap sheet. Earned it.

2:20:35 Lady who got her face duct-taped on a fight.

2:31:00 Squirrel suit guy slamming into a bridge.

2:36:00 How to tell if passing out is real. Highest altitude someone has fallen and survived.

2:45:00 Dudes who can't fight starting beef with people who can. What it takes to be a great wrestler.

2:57:00 No you don't understand - Saddam Hussein's son was TOTALLY psycho!

3:06:00 History of inbred psychotic children of entitled psychopath tyrants.

3:15:30 Comedy Central's downfall and doing Ari Shaffir dirty.

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