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JRE 1809 - Jessica Kirson (Podcast Summary)

The Joe Rogan Experience - Episode 1809

Jessica Kirson is a stand-up comedian, actor, producer, and host of the "Disgusting Hawk" and "Relatively Sane" podcasts.

Jessica Kirson is that rare specimen of a female comic: one that's actually funny. She has Rogan out of his seat for much of this episode.

Something about her loosens our host up quite a bit as well. Rogan seems even more so at ease than usual. He even stuns us with his stylized interpretive dance routine - not once, but twice!

That's not to say this episode's comedy is very high-brow, or its subject matter deep. It starts with poop jokes (courtesy of Amber Heard) and basically remains at that level all the way through. But isn't that just what the world needs right now?


7:15 If you ain't no chump, holla "WE WANT PRE-NUP!"

14:15 Kanye West is brilliant.

19:00 Joe Rogan has some sort of amazing vending machine. (Rogan swears by Neuro Gum)

29:45 Chevy Chase falling all over the place is probably why he's an asshole.

33:00 Watch these two Gen Xers struggling to work out what third base is.

38:10 What it feels like to have a yeast infection.

45:00 Being fat is not okay.

53:18 How pythons changed the eco-system of Florida.

59:00 The average woman is 5'4 170 lbs!?!?!?

1:05:00 Cheese, dairy, and nutrition.

1:12:00 Joe Rogan does interpretive dance.

1:16:00 The two-party system is the worst thing for our country.

1:19:00 You can't listen to what other people think about you. Watching the news is self-destructive.

1:26:15 Elon Musk buying Twitter.

1:33:00 Joe Biden is legit brain damaged.

1:38:00 Buffets are rude to fat people.

1:45:00 The most disgusting thing we've ever seen led to Fear Factor's cancellation.

1:48:05 The rise of step-mom porn. Female comics are making $10k a week on OnlyFans. Long porn discussion.

2:14:00 Perposterous butt implants.

2:18:00 Elon Musk is our generation's transformative super genius.

2:23:00 3D printing tiger meat?

2:35:00 Malaria killed more than 1/2 of the people that have ever died ever? (Don't know about that...) There have only been 50 billion people ever and there are 8 billion people now. Genetically engineering mosquitos to not get malaria?

2:41:00 Worried about Putin?

2:49:44 Podcast exit dance.

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