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JRE 1812 - Doug Stanhope (Podcast Summary)

The Joe Rogan Experience - Episode 1812

Doug Stanhope is a stand-up comedian, author, and host of "The Doug Stanhope Podcast."

You can tell from the way these two get along that they are closer to family than friends. Rogan and Stanhope hosted The Man Show together on Comedy Central in its final seasons. Nothing like tv cancelation to build bonds!

This podcast is a little hectic around the topics. Doug is always in there trying to stick a joke, and Rogan is always in there trying to combat Stanhope's relentless self-deprecating humor.


5:30 Roe v Wade SCOTUS leak.

14:00 Airport security.

17:30 "Jaime, search 'world's biggest penis Mexico.'"

23:30 Audiobooks are a game-changer.

29:00 The nocebo effect. Stress and health.

45:45 Comics and COVID.

54:00 What it means when something is "not funny."

1:03:00 Depp v Heard trial.

1:12:00 Nicotine delivery systems.

1:15:00 Being an ethical comedian.

1:22:00 The stages of comedy.

1:34:00 Bobcat is a legend. Believes in Bigfoot.

1:48:40 Why Rogan did the Man Show.

1:53:45 Stanhope hates music.

1:58:50 Semen warriors of Papua New Guinea.

2:09:00 Johnny Knoxville broke his dick on Jackass.

2:20:00 Dave Chappelle.

2:30:00 Rogan answers how he reacts to people taking him out of context. Getting into "deep" comedy.

2:40:00 Rogan and conspiracy theories.

2:52:00 Hating on Chelsea Handler. Loving on Alex Jones.

2:55:00 When are we responsible for misinformation?

3:06:30 Rosanne Barr.

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