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JRE 1815- The Black Keys (Podcast Summary)

The Joe Rogan Experience - Episode 1815

The Black Keys are guitarist/vocalist Dan Auerbach and drummer Patrick Carney. Their new album "Dropout Boogie" is available on May 13.

What would it be like to interview one of your favorite bands? I certainly don't know, and I am more than a little low-key jealous Rogan got to hang with The Black Keys!

The episode kicks off with a lengthy story about how they met and got their start. This showcases the benefit of a three-hour format like the JRE - where else can you just listen to musicians tell their story uninterrupted and unpressed for time?


3:00 How they got their name “The Black Keys”

11:00 Credit fate for how The Black Keys banded together

22:00 Live music culture

31:00 Everyone’s acting crazy because they’re hopped up on meds

52:00 The CIA’s Operation Midnight Climax

1:03:00 The fellas talk about the nature of all kinds of animals; dolphins, cats, snakes, alligators, owls, etc

1:38:00 How To make a song a Hit

1:47:00 JFK Conspiracies

1:54:00 Are these electric cars gonna end up causing cancer?

2:05:00 The cheaper labor countries are fucked

2:13:00 Why couldn’t we get COVID treatment early on?

2:29:00 How they design their tour locations and balance family time

2:39:00 Dystopian clothing and the future of humans: sleep paralysis or demons?

2:52:30 Johnny Depp

3:14:15 Ghosts and mental trickery

3:18:30 Russia v Ukraine & powerful military tech

3:30:00 Mass Manipulation

3:35:00 Aliens

3:39:00 Water-powered cars

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