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JRE 1817 - Hotep Jesus (Podcast Summary)

The Joe Rogan Experience - Episode 1817

Bryan "Hotep Jesus" Sharpe is a public speaker, tech advisor, author, and one of the hosts of the "Hoteps BEEN Told You" podcast. His latest book is "The Patriot Report: Unmasking the Conspiracy of Money and War."

What happens when you combine Joe Rogan with Men Of Order's own Hotep Jesus? Magic.

And a lot of quotable moments. People will be clipping soundbites off this bad boy for weeks to come.

Almost every few minutes of this episode could be the subject of an entire episode. From freedom of speech to the future of an inorganic human race, the gentlemen cover a LOT.

Hotep Jesus' takes are out of the box and you won't find them from any other guest.

Someone getting slapped at the Oscars was a wonderful thing?

January 6 was beautiful?

Bring the hijab to America?

Immediately abolish all welfare programs?

Re-write the constitution?

Hotep Jesus has Rogan like this all podcast long.

"I'm always trolling and I'm always not." But how else can we ever move the needle?


6:30 There really is no "left" or "right."

8:30 Conservatives have dumbed themselves down to talking points.

11:00 Free speech and why it isn't free.

13:00 Jan 6…was beautiful!

18:00 Conservatives are in reactionary mode; controlled by the Left. How to be proactive.

20:30 Anti-vax black votes and government mandates. "My body, my choice?"

25:00 The bug isn't killing people, hospitals are. Hoteps BEEN told you about the buggy.

27:25 Once you go to college you basically lose your brain.

29:30 Rogan escaped YouTube just in time!

30:00 Twitter and Instagram put "misinformation" boxes on the FDA J&J statement.

30:35 Difference in Twitter engagement since Elon's purchase announcement.

32:00 Twitter has been curated by a bunch of dorks. You can't just ban bad arguments.

35:30 Baby formula shortage. That stuff ain't good for babies anyway!

42:30 Marxism is designed to demoralize and destroy a population. Central banking digital currency…

46:00 The world is going to be bifurcated between organic and inorganic people.

52:00 Joe Rogan predicts the future with Bitcoin.

52:50 Rogan's going to be the leader of the organic people. We're going to jailbreak the Neuralink.

56:00 Will Smith smack! Someone getting smacked at the Oscars was special. The Matrix needs reality checks.

Second hour

1:09:00 Don't look for a wife, look for a mother of your children. Genetic selection is a survival imperative. (Gene editing?)

1:13:45 Hotep Jesus rewrote the constitution.

1:18:00 2nd amendment…nevermind let's talk about bear attacks in Jersey and hunting. (Tyson weed does it again)

1:24:30 Hotep don't take chances. (Shoutout to Donovan and Cannon Hotep)

1:28:00 Imagine being a tuna. We live in water right now.

1:31:00 Variolation vs vaccination.

1:33:50 Dependency is used as a tool by the government to control and enslave. Systems of dependency are why people can't get by.

1:42:00 How would we solve extreme poverty? Hotep Jesus gives Rogan an economics lesson.

1:47:45 Biden laptop. Crackhead got $10 mil a year just to make introductions? Biden's presidency (he sucks) and why Trump ran for president versus other politicians.

1:58:30 If you want to restore America you need to bring back the hijab. ("I'm always trolling and I'm always not.")

Third hour

2:01:00 If you allow women to get their booty on Instagram, they're going to destroy the world.

2:02:00 Heard v. Depp

2:04:40 Jamie Foxx is one of the most talented people that ever lived.

2:07:45 What's the key to our freedom?

2:11:40 Why is Joe Rogan happy? The importance of working out and having rituals.

2:14:00 Learning language and dropping the communication barriers.

2:22:30 We're going to become like aliens.

2:28:00 Bot farms starting some shit. Establishing the American Troll Agency to meme war for America!

2:37:56 Men of Order memes are on point! (Shoutout Jev2DaMaximum)

2:40:00 Difference between mainstream propaganda and internet personalities doing the lord's work.

2:47:00 Everyone is going to need a microphone - how this could have helped Johnny Depp.

2:49:00 You don't want crazy women in your life, but you kinda do.

2:57:00 How a deep fake launched the first movie star's career in 1914.

3:04:00 Howard Stern (old school Stern, not the shill we have today) and the invention of the podcast.

3:10:30 Lead with love.

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