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JRE 1818 - Christina P (Podcast Summary)

The Joe Rogan Experience - Episode 1818

Christina P is a stand-up comic and co-host of the "Your Mom's House" podcast with her husband Tom Segura. Her new Netflix special, "Mom Genes" is available now.

A pretty chill episode with Christina P and her silky smooth relaxing voice on the other mic. It's nice to have a woman's perspective on many of the topics. Or maybe I was just really tired when listening to it.


(This episode's timestamps are brought to you by the homie AG! So, send him some love on Twitter.)

11:30 Ups & Downs of being dating wild, drama-filled partners, for example, Amber Heard.

18:45 Falling for feminism during college.

20:00 Kill your dog or your neighbor first if your children are hungry?

21:50 People from communist countries don’t fall for the propaganda here in America.

50:00 The pandemic broke people.

59:00 Which addictions are the worst?

1:13:00 Being hard on yourself makes you better.

1:17:00 Why does body positivity only focus on women? Where are the fat men?

1:35:00 They are pussifying superheroes those days.

1:44:05 The UPenn Swimmer & Hiking is Racist.

2:25:00 Comedians have no chance without a podcast or social media presence.

2:43:15 What’s the secret sauce for a successful podcast?

3:02:30 College wokeness is going to ruin kids’ diversity of thought.

3:09:00 How people use sophisticated sentences to say absolutely nothing.

3:11:00 AIDS fear propaganda.

3:24:30 You eat a credit card of plastic every week.

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