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JRE 1820 - Jack Carr (Podcast Summary)

The Joe Rogan Experience - Episode 1820

Jack Carr is a bestselling author, retired Navy SEAL, and host of the "Danger Close" podcast. His latest book "In the Blood" is out on May 17.

Jack Carr is an American patriot through and through. And apparently, one hell of an author! Rogan says Jack's novels are the only non-fiction he'll read (well, listen to!)

Jack also has an Amazon series in production for his The Terminal List. It's going to star Chris Pratt (another patriot!) and it sounds absolutely sick!


8:00 The frogmen who fight like men from another world.

10:00 Why did acting used to suck so bad?

13:30 Cars

21:00 Audiobook narrators.

23:30 Making the (super violent) Amazon series. How both the book and streaming series came together just the way Jack imagined them.

40:00 Listening to the call and identifying your passion. Keeping Carr's vision authentic.

46:00 Tom Cruise is the man.

53:00 Vietnam era tactics versus today. How warfare constantly adapts.

58:00 Afghanistan pull out was horrible.

1:04:00 Difference between WWII, Korea and Vietnam. How did we lose accountability?

1:08:00 What has been sacrificied for our freedoms and honoring that.

1:12:00 Could Normandy have been approached differently?

1:23:00 Iraq & WMDs, Afghanistan pull-out blunder - how accurate is military intel?

1:28:04 Why did we leave behind so much stuff in Afghanistan?

1:32:00 Why are we so dependent on countries we consider our enemies?

1:37:00 Surveillance technology.

1:43:00 DRAIN THE SWAMP! and TikTok Brain is decaying our ability to be defenders of our freedoms.

1:50:00 This next decade will be a pivotal decade for our freedom.

1:54:00 The problem with journalism today.

1:59:00 Hunting.

2:04:00 Putting in work to be top athletes.

2:10:00 The secret to writing. What is Jack Carr's process?

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