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JRE 1822 - Chris DiStefano (Podcast Summary)

The Joe Rogan Experience - Episode 1822

Chris DiStefano is a stand-up comedian, on-air personality, host of the "Chrissy Chaos" podcast, and co-host of "Hey Babe!" podcast with Sal Vulcano. His new Netflix comedy special "Speshy Weshy" is now streaming.

The episode kicks off with Chris DiStefano letting us know he's always had nice nipple fat.

So... There you go.


(This episode’s timestamps were compiled by MMA oracle Pickin’ Fights Tom! Check him out before placing your next UFC bets. You won’t be disappointed.)

4:00 Chris sucks at sex.

7:45 Chris's experience on David Letterman.

19:00 DiStefano's anxiety and where it comes from.

48:30 Effects of missing a gender in parenting.

52:00 The mobs are coming back.

54:00 Things to do to quiet anxiety.

56:30 DiStefano is a German.

58:30 DNA memories.

1:01:00 Mitigating fear.

1:04:30 Stand-up comedy.

1:08:00 Time traveling.

1:13:00 Cars

1:18:30 Chris’s daughter's trans godmother's jail experience with serial killers.

1:30:00 Serial killers.

1:34:00 Could you kill someone?

1:38:30 WW3 or a Civil War?

1:42:00 Feel good humanity stories.

2:00:00 Historical context and how time passes our ideas by.

2:23:00 How history repeats itself.

2:31:00 Benefits of celebrities abstaining from social media.

2:40:00 War, disease, and early civilization.

2:46:00 Do we need government? Are the aliens coming?

2:49:00 Figuring out life and perspective.

2:56:00 Slavery.

3:05:30 Accents.

3:15:00 Old stuff ain’t actually that old. (The pope who decided you can’t eat meat on Fridays of lent also owned a fish business…)

3:23:00 Amber Heard.

3:29:30 Chris’s failed corporate gig stories.

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