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JRE 1824 - Lex Fridman (Podcast Summary)

The Joe Rogan Experience - Episode 1824

Lex Fridman is a scientist and researcher in the fields of artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles and the host of "The Lex Fridman Podcast."


(This episode's timestamps are brought to you by the inimitable Cassius Cam.)

3:38 Lex's thoughts on Russia invading Ukraine.

9:58 The Uvalde, Texas shooting.

11:30 Media silence on Yemen vs. Ukraine.

14:30 Putin's popularity and mental/physical health.

19:00 The corruption in Ukraine and Zelensky's improved image.

23:25 The natural longing for strong men to become leaders.

26:10 What does freedom actually look like?

27:25 The possibility of Mutually Assured Destruction.

29:40 UFO's or secret military equipment?

42:07 Extraterrestrial civilizations and the consciousness of plants.

1:08:45 Dana White is banned from gambling at the Palms in Vegas.

1:14:15 Hanging out with Anthony Bourdain.

1:25:00 Project Veritas exposing Twitter employees.

1:30:15 Joe had an opportunity to meet Jeffrey Epstein.

1:45:20 The media's responsibility for making mass shooters famous.

1:51:00 Freedoms lost are rarely regained.

1:54:08 Amber Heard is a manipulative liar...a hot one.

2:05:15 Was the OJ trial payback for Rodney King?

2:09:56 Lex was planning to interview Putin.

2:14:20 Steven Tyler's relapse and addiction.

2:17:30 Nancy Pelosi's boobs. (PAUSE!)

2:18:57 Elon Musk vs. the bots.

2:25:08 Journalism is dying.

2:40:12 Lex reads a poem by Charles Bukowski.

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