JRE 1825–Ali Siddiq (Podcast Summary)

JRE 1825–Ali Siddiq (Podcast Summary)

Ali Siddiq is a stand-up comedian, writer, and community advocate. His new comedy special, "The Domino Effect," is now available on YouTube. https://www.alisiddiq.com/

0:00 Cigars and fake wine

5:00 Paying for privilege

12:00 OnlyFeet

17:30 Uvalde

28:00 Synergy vs selfishness

34:30 Chasing greatness

39:00 Can you catch bad comedy like a cold?

49:00 Following a legend

1:00:00 Venues

1:11:00 The beauty and charm of redneck culture

1:20:00 Help Discoteque in Brazil

1:27:45 Steve Brown vs. Siddiq?

1:33:00 Victor Ortiz v Floyd Mayweather

1:41:00 Prison life with Ali Siddiq

1:52:00 Sam Kennison

2:02:00 Don’t Look a gift horse in the mouth

2:05:00 Creating great comedy

2:23:30 Geto Boys and the Houston Scene

2:35:00 This isn’t a very pride-monthy segment. Seriously if you only listen to one segment of this whole episode, THIS is it.

2:53:00 Does Ali Siddiq believe in science more than the “believe science” people?

2:59:30 Homeschooling

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