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JRE 1826 - Fahim Anwar (Podcast Summary)

The Joe Rogan Experience - Episode 1826

Fahim Anwar is a stand-up comic, actor, and host of the "Fahim Anwar Dance Hour" podcast. His new special, "Hat Trick (Live at the Comedy Store)" is available now on YouTube.


8:43 The differences between being a comedy writer vs a stand-up comedian.

14:55 Networks allowing artistry, censorship, and critics vs the populous.

29:04 The shift in the reception of comedy.

37:39 How will border patrol deal with jet packs?

39:45 Joe's new secret spot and how he designed it.

44:09 Developing polished bits and Bobby Lee

49:20 Evaluating risks when you have responsibilities and getting started

54:05 Fahim's special on YouTube and being funny however your funny

1:08:37 Florentine futbol and grilling

1:19:25 Dress codes at the steakhouse and the female equivalent of a blazer

1:26:14 Joe is down to wear a kilt, Melvin Manhoef's fight shorts, and Bob Sapp

1:30:15 The heavyweight Goat and the Pride Era

1:37:33 The arbitrary restrictions in LA over C19 and obesity demons

1:43:22 Mountain Dew shrinking your balls

1:46:12 Don't you know that you're a shooting star? Music is a time machine

2:00:00 Styles of comedy and people forcing their preferences

2:05:00 ASMR girls are hot and more distribution methods

2:13:30 Cancel culture and Will Smith

2:19:25 Top Gun Maverick, G forces and passing out

2:25:20 Tank Davis's beautiful KO

2:27:16 It's an interesting time to create (if the gatekeepers let us)

2:29:30 The horrors of social engineering and Kim Jong's golf game

2:36:45 The difference between hustling and gambling and pool

2:42:16 The process of developing a new hour of comedy

2:53:30 Feeding the reactionary monster of society

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