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JRE 1827- Kristin Beck (Podcast Summary)

The Joe Rogan Experience - Episode 1827

Kristin Beck is a retired Navy SEAL and recipient of over 50 ribbons and medals, among them the Bronze Start with Valor, the Purple Heart, and the Meritorious Service Medal. She is now a lecturer, author, consultant, and civil rights activist.


15:00 Difference between growing up in America then and now.

18:00 Life after COVID and lab leak theory.

23:00 Gravity and space travel. Satellites and space junk.

33:00 Project Blue Beam. Technocracy in America.

37:00 Twitter algorithms and echo chambers.

46:30 Loosh Traps? Wtf is that?

55:00 Pyramids were made with sound. We were once an advanced species?

1:03:00 Getting the reciepts on giants.

1:17:50 Aliens & UFOs.

1:22:00 Making SEALs do stupid shit in movies.

1:30:45 Global warming.

1:32:00 They're trying to make a real Iron Man suit. (lol the government is stupid) And if they break down you're screwed.

1:42:20 How an entire SEAL team almost got obliterated by friendly fire.

1:48:15 Jocko and Tulsi running for President segues into when did Kristin Beck believe Kristen was a woman. (They're obviously baked.) Acknowledging the differences between men and women.

1:58:00 How to be equal but also fair.

2:08:00 Joe sees the light on Universal Basic Income. Segue into drunken monkeys.

2:13:25 Back to Kristin feeling in the wrong body.

2:40:00 Plastics are going to make us genderless aliens.

2:56:00 Problems facing veterans.

3:00:00 Knives and swords.

3:09:00 Confirmation bias and conspiracy theories.

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