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JRE 1828 - Michio Kaku (Podcast Summary)

The Joe Rogan Experience - Episode 1828

Michio Kaku is a theoretical physicist, author, and science educator. He is featured in the UFO/UAP documentary "A Tear in the Sky," now available on all VOD and digital platforms.


This is a very fast listen. Michio Kaku is deeply interesting!


0:00 UFO and society shift

9:30 UFOs' lack of propulsion and the ability to move

16:00 types of civilizations

23:30 communicating with technologies

28:30 Digital immortality, travel, and communication

48:00 transferring memories

54:30 downloading your consciousness for immortality

1:04:00 ego and robots thought/AI

1:12:00 Our similarities with traditional Aliens

1:20:30 inter-species communication and brain manipulation

1:29:00 MK Ultra

1:36:00 Telepathy and dogs

1:42:30 evolution

1:54:00 manipulating DNA and genes (planet of the apes can happen)

1:58:30 string theory

2:00:00 communication science easily

2:08:00 intelligent life outside of the world

2:16:30 extraterrestrial monitoring

2:19:00 Bob Lazar and element 115

2:29:30 government hiding alien proof still

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