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JRE MMA Show 119 - Michael Bisping (Podcast Summary)

JRE Mixed Martial Arts Show - Episode 119

Joe is joined by retired former UFC Middleweight Champion turned fight analyst and color commentator, Michael Bisping. Look for the documentary "Bisping: The Michael Bisping Story" on March 22.

Different than the typical JRE format, Michael Bisping is here to talk about fighting. This is sports talk for people who follow the sport - not that they don't deviate and digress for much of the episode.

Okay - to be honest with you, I don't know exactly what distinguishes this from your typical JRE interview. LOL! But I didn't bother to timestamp all the different fighters and MMA topics they covered - they covered a lot!

What I do know is that Cain Velasquez did nothing wrong. I also know that Michael Bisping is tough as fucking nails.


32:30 Cubans and Soviets creating superhuman fighters?

36:36 How Bisping won the middleweight championship with only one eye.

52:41 Vitor Belfort….Cheating? Not technically.

57:40 Bisping has no quit! Remembering the Anderson Silva and Dan Henderson fights.

1:02:00 Skinny guys that hit hard and murk mother fuckers.

1:06:30 Tyson Fury

1:11:50 Supersonic nuclear bombers in Venezuela since 2018?!

1:16:40 Michael Bisping documentary coming out March 22nd!

1:29:50 Calf kicks look like they hurt.

1:35:00 What is it like being a normal guy after being the champ?

1:44:30 Blood doping? What's that?!

1:53:30 Benefits of Yoga as a workout. (But the Bikram yoga guy is sus)

2:00:00 Diets

2:32:00 Jeff Bezos be ballin'

2:38:30 But not compared to the Saudi oil guys

2:43:00 Money won't buy you happiness, but if you're already happy…. (Nice cars) Breaking out of the grind and getting success.

2:48:40 Pressure eats up everybody.

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