Boxing Bonanza: Cassius Cam’s WOD

Boxing Bonanza: Cassius Cam’s WOD

Today's session is intended for my fellow pugilists. With that said, even if you’re not a fighter, boxing training has unlimited physical and mental benefits. So don’t be shy and partake. 

Equipment Needed

  • Heavy bag 
  • Boxing gloves
  • Slip Bag (not mandatory)


Start with 3 rounds of skipping rope for 2 minutes each to get the blood flowing.  Follow it up with a 10-minute dynamic stretch emphasizing shoulder mobility.


Shadow Boxing: 5x3 minute rounds (Shadow boxing is vital for developing fundamentals and fluidity. Imagine your opponent and move like you mean it) 

Heavy Bag: 10x1 minute rounds (In 20-second intervals, rotate volume punching, power punching, and burnouts to complete 1-minute circuits) 

Slip Bag: 5x3 minute rounds (Focus on slipping just enough to not get hit, but not too much to not hit back) 


If you do not have access to a slip bag, tie a string across two anchor points at chest level.  Roll, slip, and duck under the string while throwing punches.  




Enough can’t be said for what boxing has done for my mental and physical fitness.  Anaerobic capacity, strength, and mental fortitude will all improve significantly through boxing.

Nothing quite gets rid of stress like punching stuff.

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