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JRE MMA Show 120 - Jim Miller (Podcast Summary)

The Joe Rogan Experience - MMA Show 120

Jim Miller is a competitor in the UFC lightweight division and the host of his own program, "The Jim Miller Podcast."

Before every MMA event, Rogan brings on a fighter to shoot the breeze.

Miller is a veteran UFC fighter for 39 fights (a record!). He has never broken a bone and has never had any surgeries. He didn't even know how to throw a punch when he first joined!

Rogan and Miller will talk about shady fight promotions, training, Lyme disease, public school grooming, gas station politics, hunting, and more!

Jim Miller's cookbook with recipes to cook wild game you hunted yourself is available for pre-order and ships later this month.


9:00 Miller has the most fights in the UFC (39).

16:20 Local promotions are terrible.

34:00 Teaching self-defense vs. teaching jiu-jitsu. Training at different gyms.

46:00 Jim Miller got Lyme Disease. What's that like?

1:24:00 Joe's nose. Cauliflower ear stories.

1:46:30 Grooming in public schools.

1:59:15 Gas station politics.

2:05:00 American Prairie Foundation sounds badass. Wolf hunting is hard.

2:09:45 Black bears in New Jersey!?

2:14:00 What does bear meat taste like? (Jim Miller has some recipes for that)

2:19:00 Twitter sued for refusing to remove child porn from its platform.

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